Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Last Legion Movie, Review

In the wake of Rome's fall, 12-year-old Emperor Romulus Augustus (Thomas Sangster) is imprisoned on the island of Capri with only his clever teacher Ambrosinus (Ben Kingsley) for company. But with the help of a heroic legionnaire, Aurelius (Colin Firth), Romulus and his small party journey all the way to Britannia, where their search for the fabled Last Legion -- the Dragon Legion -- will launch the Arthurian legend.

So i was chatting with Silvestro at msn about Camelot history and Excalibur (after an episode of the series we've watched) and he was like "have you watched The Last Legion? It's a cool movie about Excalibur" and i was surprised that i missed it. And i was surprised even more when i noticed Colin Firth was in it. So i watched it.

It wasn't that good but it wasn't bad either. I thought it was about Arthur and stuff but it was about the start of Excalibur. How it was stuck in the stone and its history before. I have no idea about it so i can't say if it was accurate.

The only thing i really liked was the choreography of the fights. Especially the 1 vs many.
I wasn't impressed of the acting. They were other famous actors in it too and all of them can do better. The characters felt with no life.
The script was poorly done. They tried to made the movie funny but it wasn't. You could see the jokes but they weren't really special or fit at the moments. They didn't blend them in, good enough. And of course they had to put in a girl which kick all others people ass and fall in love with the commander XD

I could say that i also liked how the name of the Excalibur came up..but they wasn't their idea since i have read elsewhere so no...It was nice they mentioned Caliburns too though.

I guess it depends on the mood, and the company you have with you for the movie. I wasn't impressed but it was a nice watch for the night.


  1. This movie was really cool whatever you say, and it was out before the great outbreak of camelot-related series so it was even cooler at the time.
    I liked very much Merlin and the fireballs trick and the story of the sword getting the Excalibur name.

  2. i really like stories about Excalibur, now i can't help but wonder, how did the name came up?

  3. @athanasia: there are many different stories about the name :) google it:D


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