Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red Riding Hood, Review

Set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family's displeasure.

There are many reasons I decided to watch this movie, but the main ones are the unique plot, because I've never heard before in a story that the wolf was actually a werewolf, and the cast, from which basically I only knew Amanda Seyfried from her previous works.

The bad things on the movie was the beginning of it. The way the director shows the scenes and the places is similar to the ones in Twilight, since the director is the same. Another thing that kept that similarity was Valerie's dad, who was the same as Bella's dad (Billy Burke). Both similarities made me get bored and it was the beginning of the movie. Besides that, let me just mention something about the special effects, though I'm not an expert, that they looked like those in Twilight.

The good things were the ones that made me feel bad for getting bored and stuck in the drawbacks, because the movie was really good. The fact that you only find out who's the werewolf at the end was presented so good. Basically we had no idea who was the werewolf, because there are many suspects and each and every one of them could easily be it. Seriously now, we were four girls each with another character in our mind and none of us was true. The actors were all really good and they could easily transfer you their feelings. Lastly, for those who wonder, the movie was slightly scary and there was no sex scenes in it, the trailer just misleads you.

Bottom line, I liked it and enjoyed it,mostly because I saw it on the cinema. And I will totally recommend you this one.


  1. Really? No sex? LOL! The trailer is exactly the opposite XD
    And slightly scary. I might watch it after all :)

  2. Sounds interesting, still want to see this movie :) Was fun to read your review about it :)

  3. Aw, the trailer made it look very sexy. At least now I know I can watch it with my mom :P I've been wanting to see this one. Thanks for the reminder and the review. Now I'm going to be keeping an eye out to see if it reminds me of Twilight :P

  4. 2 reasons to not watch it ( based on the trailer ):
    1) twilight director
    2) supernatural love story

    I will watch just to see if I'm right but not on cinemas ;)

  5. @Silvestro: it's the twilight director. not the twilight story XD

  6. i was exited by this one but i am disappointed about about the twilight director, twilight was so lame, i hope this one wont suck...

  7. ok this movie was really weird, i expected it to be scary but it wasn't at all...

    first of all i didn't find it similar to the Twilight, only the scenes of the woods reminded me of it and only because you mentioned it.

    the story was ok and the acting was ok too, i really liked the 2 male actors, they both wanted her and i couldn't chose between them XD

    during the whole movie i was thinking that the grandmother was the werewolf, i don't want to spoil it so i wont say if i was right!

    the last scene was so lame!! and the werewolf was so fake not scary at all, i would like it even more if it was scarier... it didn't have any action at all.

    it has no sex at all, but the first "sex" scene was really intense, the actors had great chemistry.

    i might sound like i didn't like it, but even with it's drawbacks it was a good movie that i enjoyed!

    nina thnx for reminding me!

  8. I agree that parts reminded me of Twilight but it's been so long since I've seen Twilight that it didn't really bother me too much.

    I was expecting it to be a little more of a scary movie; I think I only jumped once.

    Oh and I definitely guessed wrong on who the wolf was!!

    Overall I liked the movie and I will most likely buy the DVD and watch it a couple more times :)

  9. I can't say it reminded me Twilight.

    The werewolf is one of the best i've seen with a real-wolf body. He was creepy and i really liked him!

    As for who he was, the person was at my top 5 list so yay!!

    i have to say i really liked the movie!

  10. @yiota: the wolf wasn't creepy, he was funny, he wasn't scary at all, i found the wolf really fake...

  11. @athanasia: creepy is not scary


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