Sunday, May 8, 2011

Right Hand Magic Book, Review

Like most Manhattanites, aspiring artist Tate can't resist a good rental deal-even if it's in the city's strangest neighborhood, Golgotham, where for centuries werewolves, centaurs, and countless other creatures have roamed the streets. Her new landlord is a sorcerer name Hexe, who is determined to build his reputation without using dark, left-hand magic. As Tate is drawn into Hexe's fascinating world, they both find that the right hand does not always know what the left hand is doing-and avoiding darkness is no easy trick...

Right Hand Magic (Golgotham #1) by Nancy A. Collins
 Paperback, 289 pages
Published December 7th 2010 by Roc (first published October 28th 2010) 
series: Golgotham #1
I bought the book when i saw how original and fresh was described in many reviews. They talked about a new original world and an interesting book. I didn't need more to get it.

Indeed it was different. Imagine something like Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. But instead of stores, there is a whole town with creatures from newly created or myths. Everyone can get in, simply by passing through the mouth of a huge scull in Manhattan. If you have the guts XD It's totally like you walk in a different realm. Everytime Tate was in, i could easily forget that i actually a part in our world. While the descriptions of the normal cities weren't something interesting, i loved Golgotham. You could see how it was also the author's best world by how alive felt the scenes there.

Another thing that i liked is that for more than half the book you just follow the everyday life of Tate. No wars. no destruction of the world, no chosen girl. Just a simple life, getting to know the people around her, working, etc. Of course at the last quarter of the book, a prophecy appeared but still it wasn't anything really special.

I mostly recommend the book because of its world. It's a nice change to meet something new once in a while. A world that doesn't remind you of other stories.


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  1. that sounds like a fun book to read, but seriously the cover is really bad...


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