Monday, May 9, 2011

Eona, Book Review

In this standalone sequel to Eon: Dragoneye Reborn, Australian author Alison Goodman (Singing the Dogstar Blues) tracks the perilous adventures of Eona, the first female Dragoneye in many centuries. Unfortunately, our heroine finds no time to rest on her laurels: She and her fellow rebels are racing frantically to find a potent black folio while they also attempt to elude High Lord Sethon's pursuing army. Eona: The Last Dragoneye brims with romance, suspense, and surprises. Definitely worth recommending.

Eona: The Last Dragoneye (Eon #2)by Alison Goodman 
Hardcover, 637 pages
Published April 19th 2011 by Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated (first published April 1st 2011) 
series: Eon #2

REVIEW (spoilery):
Okay okay..let's calm down...whatever..who am i kidddin?! Eon series are the best dragons 
series ever! ^^ 

As you know i totally fall in love with Eon. BUT Eona...oh my...that was so much better! 
I wanted more and more!

Eona is on the run now. Trying to keep up with her power and the war. Since is the last Dragoneye who
is not a traitor too, everyone is expecting things from her. The empire is really messed up now and she 
has to take decisions. Plus, for first time she starts to act as a girl which has its own problems too. 
Old friends don't trust her anymore and she doesn't know who to trust as well. 

In most fantasy books, the main character has like a million things to be responsible of and too much 
power. While this happens with Eona as well, it doesn't feel fake. The situation and the story itself
is so carefully created that all her problems seem normal. The struggle, her actions, her feelings makes 
sense. I could once again understand her and accept her. 

We also get to know more of the Emperor Kygo and Lord Ido. The two men where Eona has to decide a side.A triangle...and even now, it feels right. There were reasons why those two guys torn Eona's needs and you didn't feel for once the situation was there for fan-service.

And of course the dragon world. The Necklase of the Gods. Well i didn't expect not even once where the story was going. When you finally learn, what's really going, you are like "what?O.O". It was one of my best moments in the books, even though it wasn't a happy moment at all. 

Also important! It's not a girly has violence...a lot..and the romance it's not the main subject obviously. If you don't read this book, i will come at night and kill you -.^


  1. Saw it today. Actually had it in my hands.. guess I'll have to go back for it.
    Great review!

  2. I don't intend to read this book. Not because I don't like it or don't have time for it.... no... just because I want to see if Yiota can come at night and (try to) kill me! :p :D

  3. @Antonakis: The point of me writing this sentence wasn't that! You are supposed to read it! -.-

  4. @Yiota: Sneaking in the night and killing people is my job. Know your place Overlord ! :P

    But if I start reading books I will start with either Eon or Ranger's Apprentice.

  5. @Silvestro: i'm sorry..go kill Antonakis now XD
    Ranger's apprentice is more "childy" than Eon. Don't expect any rapes, strong violence and etc as far as i remember :)

  6. Silvestro, tell me when you're coming so that I can leave the window open and the doors unlocked! Proper etiquette and welcoming all guests (assassins or not :p ) is a axiom at my place!

  7. @Silvestro: looks like someone is now trying to influence you...

    that was a great review, i will keep this books in mind...


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