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1st Manga Review in Splash Of Our Worlds!

Summary:Shirahama Kenichi is a book lover who has just entered high school, but he is often bullied by othersOne day, he became good friends with the new transfer student, Fuurinji Miu, who was also looking for a friendKenichi was shocked at how powerful she is at first, but he is still somehow attracted to her..

Ok! First things first, let me introduce my humble self i am lovely anonymous minion that serves misstress Yiota (All Hail!),and i was lucky enough to be inveted by my master (Yiota)
to write manga reviews, so let me say a big thank you and that i will try my best.

Now lets answer some questions some of ya may have like:

What is "Manga"?:
It's the Japanesse version of the western comic books

Is Manga only read by kids?:
Most certainly not! Manga is almost like a part of Japanesse culture nowadays and its quickly spreading to the western countries as well.

What gernes are there?:
There are thousands of gernes from sci-fi and comedy to love stories and even kinky stuff (trust me you don't wanna know...).

Why would anyone read Manga?:
Like i said before manga has almost and unlimited supply of gernes and it pretty much covers any interest that one may have, so trust me when i say that there is a manga for everyone!

important note:Mangas are read from the right side to the left side which is the reverse order in which comic books are read,i wish somebody mentioned that small detail to me before i started reading them and for the fist day or two i couldn't understand why the frames where going "backwards"!

So now that we have cleared those things up lets get on with the review shall we?
In most stories (especially in mangas) the main protagonist is a cool guy with some sort of hidden power or he is clever or he has a unique talent...FORGET THAT! In History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi (HSDK in short) that rule is absolutely and utterly destroyed! Our main protagonist is a male high-school student named Kenichi who was always bullied by other classmates simply cause he was weak and has no talent (exept watering flowers if you could call that a talent) what-so-ever! He is has weak stamina,no looks,average grades and no friends!
But once he entered high-school all that changed cause he was lucky(in some ways) to meet Miu a grandaughter of martial arts master who suggested that he enters her grandfathers dojo and this is where the shit litterly hit the fence for our poor protagonist...
As i said before Kenichi is un-talented,throught the story this is greatly exploited by almost everyone(friends tha he made,teachers,opponents,rivals even his god-damn parents!) including his masters in martial arts that are responsible for his training,and sometimes it goes of the top but thats what makes it so much funnier than anything else!
So in order to overcome that...his masters put him litterly through hell...running 3 train stations with a tire strapped on his waist while carrying one of his masters on top of it, repaeating martial art moves over 1000 and 2000 times a day in order to get used to them,getting electrocuded during his training session hell one time they almost roasted him to death in order to help him train!
And so after all that hellish training -which continues everyday throught the story- he starts getting into fights with skilled people in martial and thus our story begins...

The manga overall is really funny and well drawn with pretty satisfying character development. I would defently recomended it to anyone that enjoys a good fighting scene and martial arts,but at times (well almost all the time) it goes over the top i mean the freaking masters of our protagonist are true monsters the can destroy litterly whole USA millitary bases with their bare fists! Also the fan-service is over the top sometimes (especially for the male viewers of the manga) and it makes you wonder somethings like :"How the heck can any woman fight seriously with a pair of breasts that are bigger than basketballs?!" Or "How come the only part of the woman's clothing that is damaged is her chest of butt area?" and so on (personal note i am not complain or anything:P). But despite those two minor points its a great manga worth reading.

Ps1 This preview was supposed to be made by Chronis and me but he is lost somewhere i dunno -he hasn't given any life signs since last week!-

Ps2 The only person that is not allowed to read this manga is misstress Yiota...simply cause last time we suggested it to her one of the main characters alsmost died!

I hope you enjoyed this review and i am pretty sure you will be hearing me from me again...
Minion Out! Have fun ppl!


  1. I am sorry, but the first sentence of your review really only applies to shonen manga. Shojo is totally different (aside from the "magical girl" series like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura). And what publisher was this one from? Most have big warnings at the end saying that it is the end so that Westerners do not read it the wrong way.
    Now, I will stop sounding like a total b**** (cause I'm really not trying to but my typing has a tendency to come across that way) and say that I did enjoy your review and look forward to seeing more manga reviews on here!

  2. Awesomeness! This was a great review and I'm looking forward to seeing more manga reviews on Splash of Our Worlds :)

  3. @Anonymous Minion F: i am glad you did a review! but i hope you and yiota wont start the whole "misstress-minion" thing *pfff* XD

  4. Yeah indeed that sentence applies mostly for shonen manga (clearafication shonen means that the manga targets the interests of male viewers ,ya know fighting sci-fi etc etc whether shojo is prefered by mostly female readers) but i didn't want to get all technicall from the 1 review^^
    Anyway i am not sure who the publisher is cause most of the time i read manga online since in Greece we only get like 5-10 titles (The "big" three and such) delivered so it's quiet difficult to get a good feel about the whole manga world.

  5. @Ricki: from wikipedia :
    Written by Syun Matsuena
    Published by Shogakukan

    @Minion F: Welcome welcome!! And no worries, i'm not gonna read this one. I don't really like the drawing.

  6. Nice review, for a newbie :P
    I would prefer if you started with deathnote since it is way better than the rest manga out there but this is good too. Now go mop the decks minion :P

  7. Well I have to say I have not yet read a Manga, although my boyfriend really enjoys them. I guess it is time I gave one a chance!

  8. @minion F: MINION'S NAME IS ALEX!

    (yes i just blew up his cover)


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