Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Way Back, Movie Review

Siberian gulag escapees walk 4000 miles overland to freedom in India during the World War II.

The reason I choose this one was because it's based on true events and based on a book. In addition to that, the trailer was really attractive with all those scenes from the different places, which basically made me feel bad, since the people there didn't actually had a nice time.

The story is the same as the trailer shows you. Prisoners who decide to escape and because there is no other way, they decide to do it on foot. On their way, they found many difficulties and it's not only the cold and the lack of water, but also the lack of food and the danger of being found and send back. Most of the characters, and basically most of the people that period, were send to prison unfairly and escaping was out of the question.

What I admired a lot was the courage those people shown and I think that this was the message the movie sends. I really liked the acting. I didn't know many of them and I have to admit that they did a great job with their accents. The directing part was really good, actually it was the first thing I noticed because the whole places were amazing.

Bottom line, I think that it was a great movie and I recommend it to you all. It was a little sad for me because I had in my mind all the time that what I'm watching is a real thing and maybe it will be a little sad for you too.


  1. i loved that movie, it was one of the best i have ever seen, Collin Farrell was so good, his accent was amazing, he did a great job, all the actors were good actually and i loved the story, it was sad but not very very sad.

    i'm glad you liked it nina, i recommend it too !

  2. I am usually skeptical about movies base on books, a lot of times they just don't do the book justice! On the other hand I have seen some turn out great, so since you liked it I think I will give it a chance!

  3. TheGirlOnFire: I haven't read the book, so I'm not sure what to tell you, but I don't think they could change much. I mean there are not fights or romances to make the movie more appealing, just their story....

    Athanasia: Glad you liked it too....

  4. Well I think that is for the best. Books get made into movies because they are so good, so why mess with that!?!?!? I guess I just need to head to Blockbuster and rent it! :)


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