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Twelve & Trust : Movie Reviews

About: The film opens during Spring Break on the Upper East Side. White Mike (Chace Crawford), once a wealthy, carefree teenager, now struggles to scrape out a living as a pot dealer, dealing to his former classmates. His mother died from breast cancer a year prior to the events of the film, her treatment having completely consumed his family's wealth, and left a deep emotional trauma on Mike. Mike's good friend, Molly Norton (Emma Roberts), a sweet girl from the poorer side of town, doesn't know he is a drug dealer. Mike's supplier, Lionel (Curtis Jackson), also deals the addictive drug cocktail "Twelve" to Mike's cousin, Charlie (Jeremy Allen White). read more

Review: Twelve, based on the book written by Nick McDonell when he was 17 years old, is the story of a community of privileged teenagers from New York’s upper east side, coming home from their posh boarding schools for spring break to get into the kind of trouble that only rich white kids can: partying, sex, and drugs. With no parental involvement, things spin further out of control, and none of them realize just how out of their depth they really are.

The reason I decided to watch “Twelve” was Emma Roberts and the fact that I liked theplot. Unfortunately it was not as good as I expected.

The acting was not very good, all the roles were so cliché and uninteresting that they hardly seem worth paying attention to. The actors were mostly teenagers, but the adults were really bad too. It was so annoying that a male voice described the whole movie and the main actor who was a drug dealer had the worst nickname ever, “White Mike”. Finally the scenario was so unrealistic, they tried to create a drama but they managed to turn it into “comedy”. I really do not recommend this movie for any reason.

14-year-old teenage girl Annie has online chats with Charly, who first says he is 16, then 20, then 25. They have talks by telephone too, and finally meet. He turns out to be about 35. Annie is annoyed that he has lied about his age, but is pleased to hear from him that she has a perfect body. Also Charly convinces her that age does not matter. At Charly's initiative they have sex; never known by Annie, this is filmed by Charly. Afterwards Annie tells her best friend Brittany about the sex. She is concerned and tells the police, who start an investigation, forcing Annie to help trap Charly, but he finds out and breaks off contact.

Review: Recently I saw the movie “Trust”. Yiota was the one who suggested the movie. I wanted so much to watch this one because of the plot.

The movie is really sad because a very young girl gets assaulted by a predator but it is a movie that has a lot to offer. After I finished it I was socked by the degree someone can manipulate vulnerable people and brainwash them. The story is very strong, it is not an unrealistic scenario, but something that can actually happen and that makes the movie even more exiting to watch.

The acting was not that great, except from Liana Liberato as Annie Cameron, her role was very demanding and and she did such a great job.

To sum up I really liked this movie and I totally recommend it, but I have to warn you that this is a very sad film.


  1. Er, have you read the book version of Twelve? Let's just say you can tell it's a young person's first novel, and that the movie probably wasn't given much material to work with.

  2. Hm...could I sit through a bunch of horrible acting and bad storyline for Chase Crawford? Yes, yes I think I can :P At least now I know not to expect much.

  3. What a bummer! I hate when a movie disappoints. I always feel like I have lost so much time! I do think Trust looks good though, even if it makes me cry!

  4. About Twelve: I liked the movie actually, mostly because it was different than anything I had seen before. The voice on the back is Kiefer Sutherland.

    About Trust: Ok, I agree with you, but the girl was so stupid, but she had an intense scene during the end when she realises what happened to her.

  5. @We Heart YA: i have heard of the book but i haven't read it and i am not going to after the movie, because i didn't like the story too..

    @Small Review: XD

    @nina: Kiefer Sutherland? i had no idea, i hated the voice but i like Kiefer Sutherland XD

    i agree with you, the girl was beyond stupid, but i can understand the situation, she was feeling alone, he come, he understood her, he manipulated her in every possible way, so she made all the wrong decisions.. it was very sad and the most socking thing is that things like that happen in real life..

  6. Athanasia: Yeah, I think the most shocking was that there was reality in it....

  7. Ohh l will give this one a go, thanks =)


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