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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II, Movie Review

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2, is the final adventure in the Harry Potter film series. The much-anticipated motion picture event is the second of two full-length parts. In the epic finale, the battle between the good and evil forces of the wizarding world escalates into an all-out war. The stakes have never been higher and no one is safe. But it is Harry Potter who may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice as he draws closer to the climactic showdown with Lord Voldemort. It all ends here.

Finally!!! I was going crazy with the waiting ^^ I can say only one thing for sure. This is the best Harry Potter movie so far!

Firstly, we have the 3D part. It was good. It could be better but it wasn't a disappointment. The movie is full of special effects and they are fantastic! I bet if you compare the 1st and this movie, you will be shocked. And i think it also had the best soundtrack of all the movies. It was different and this time i loved hear it behind the scenes.

As for the story, they did left big parts out even with a 2-part movie (like Albus' scenes, some Snape-Lily scenes, some wand related scenes) but i can't say it bothered me. I especially liked how in certain parts had flashbacks from the old movies, to help the people remember and understand what was going on.

They also changed the battle at the end which was a good thing for me. The battle in the book is way shorter, especially the Harry vs Voldemort. But here they actually created a whole thing around them. Voldermort kicked Harry's ass a lot. Literally.

The Hermione-Ron kiss which everyone was waiting for was actually really cute. Most of the kissing scenes in the rest HP movies were a bit awkward so i have to say i was surprised.

And it certainly has the best acting. Especially Radcliffe,  Phienes and Rickman. They show us other sides of Harry, Voldemort and Snape. Snape is by far one of the best in this movie. But i need to say also, what a good job Helena Bonham Carter did as Hermione-Bellatrix and how Maggie Smith became the most awesome teacher at Hogwarts. She was my favorite person to watch. I could go on and on for every actor. They all were so good. I couldn't be more happy for the casting.

Most people cried through the movie as far as i know. And they were sad at the end. The thing is the worst scene for me was the first time we see the dragon. I do have a soft spot a animal violence, and even if it was a special effects creature it bothered me a lot watching the pain in its eyes. I was like "come on. move to the next scene!".

Do i really have to recommend it? You know what Harry Potter is by now. Funny is that i'm not that sad as i've seen other people. Every time i wake up i see my Harry Potter posters around me. Every time i want something fun to read and old, i will pick Harry Potter. I can re-watch the movies anytime. And as always, i still create my own Hogwarts stories in mind. I still have HP with me, so i guess i'm okay ;)


  1. I am reasonably excited for this movie. The recent ones have been really good, but they just don't compare to the books. I am a die hard fan though so I will be at the theater soon! I also always grab any Hp when I want something great to read. I read my first set of books until the fell to pieces!

  2. I am watching it today! :)
    I am so happy to know that this is the best of all parts, but also a bit disappointed that they left out Snape-Lily scenes.

  3. I'm so sad that I'm far away a cinema right now....I can't wait to see the movie....I guess that by the time I'll return, the DVD will be out....Damn, I wanted so badly to see the last one in the movies....

  4. The only bad thing about this movie is having to watch the part 1 first, it was really boring, and they made it that way just to fill the time needed to break the movie in 2 parts, fail greedy people, fail.
    The 2nd part though was awesome, the effects, the actors and the storyline, all was amazing. I especialy liked Professor Minerva McGonagall, she was sooooo different from what I was used to see in her :D
    I really hated Harry in the wand scene, they changed it from the one in the book, as yiota told me, I haven't read it, and they changed it for the worst.

  5. The last Harry Potter movie is just awesome <3 I walked out of the cinema with an empty feeling, it's so strange that it's over but like Daniel said in London at the world premiere, it's not over, we will carry the stories through our lives :)

    Alan Rickman was brilliant throughout the whole series but especially in the last one and Helena is pretty awesome too :) And I was so happy when Ron and Hermione finally kissed, waited so long for that, they are so cute together :D

  6. Snape was always awesome! I always liked him despite that everyone else did not. He was badass, even if I wanted to punch him at some points he reminded me of someone I know....Yiota?

  7. well I always knew Snape has some connection with Harry since the first time he saved him in the philosopher's stone, during the quidditch match...

  8. @TheGirlOnFire: haha! they have left out many parts but it really is well done! I totally loved it!

    @Misha: can you imagine? the book is already in 2 movie parts of 2+ hours and still missing important things. hope you enjoyed it.

    @nina: that's a shame! :/

    @Silvestro: I can't say it was cause of greed. The Harry Potter staff actually loves the books and everything. It was a nice idea actually. Imagine those fours to be put in 2 hours for one movie. It wouldn't be good.

    @Lisa: Hahaha..that kiss! Funny because everyone was waiting for it but what actually stays in your head is Snape's story.

    @Johnny: I don't know what are you talking about :P

    @Silvestro: he might did it because was the right thing? LOL...he is not that evil to leave a child die you know.

  9. @Yiota: 1) it was greed, the first part was moving way too slow making it extremelly boring and the second part was moving so fast that they left out scenes from the book to speed up things, if they wanted 2 good parts they should manage the division of scenes better.
    2) I didn't see anyone else lifting his little wand to help Harry...

  10. @Silvestro:
    1) they left parts out from part 1 too and they changed things as well. believe it's really okay.
    2) hermione was trying!

  11. @Yiota: well hermione was obligated to try, they were bffs with Harry :O If she wasn't trying there would be something wrong with her, but I meant I didn't see any other teachers trying...


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