Sunday, July 10, 2011

Arthur, Movie Review

Arthur is a sweet but wildly irresponsible playboy whose millions have left him lonely and with no motivation in life. On the threshold of an arranged marriage with a simpering socialite whom he does not love, Arthur meets the spunky, blue-collar waitress Linda Marolla, and falls head over heels. However, just as he begins to pursue a relationship with Linda, his father and iron-willed grandmother threaten to pull the plug on his huge inheritance if he doesn't honor his position in life and go through with his marriage. Arthur must decide which is more important to him: his new love, or his 750 million dollars in the bank.

Want a comedy light but with some good jokes? Arthur can be it.

I'm not a big fan of Rusell Brand but i loved him in this movie. He is so funny and it's almost impossible for me to see him in something serious. And he is like the one and the same for the role of Arthur. I don't think someone else could have done better.
Then we have a new actress of the role of his true love. I really liked the connection between the actors and the characters. She matched with Arthur.
There is also Jenifer Garner as the evil girlfriend. It was a nice change to see her not being the good girl or the main star of a movie. She could so better with the acting though.
And last but not least was Helen Mirren who is the reason i watched the movie. She was like perfect. The best nanny ever and totally a good choice for the role.

The plot is not something totally new but it's funny and it has some cool jokes ( the guy has a batmobile XD ) or....
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I have recommend this movie to about 4-5 people and so far all of them liked it, even though they have different tastes from each other. Want something fun for night? Pick Arthur. Personally i can watch it more than once.


  1. So I was one of the test subjects eh ? I knew it, you do experiments on us...

    But I agree this movie is so funny that even the love story stops being boring, and love story is the core of this movie.

  2. it was such a great movie, i enjoyed it a lot.

    the actress is not new, we have seen her in other movies too.

    i liked that Jenifer Garner played the evil girlfriend but her acting wasn't that great and Rusell Brand was as always, the role was perfect for him.

    @yiota: why did you say i wouldn't understand the jokes? it wasn't a geeky movie as you said..


  4. I really enjoy Jennifer Garner, although I also am not sure about Russell Brand. Some of his stuff is pretty funny so I think I will try and keep an open mind.

  5. @athanasia: she is new. not really famous. her most know movies are Arthur and No Strings Attached which i haven't seen.
    And i said you might NOT enjoy all the jokes the same as other people cause some of them are geeky.

    @Johnny: it's not a spoiler. it's like a small scene from a trailer.

    @GirlOnFire: same here. but i liked him Arthur.

  6. @Yiota: Ok I will watch this and see how it goes, I bet I have no prob convincing my bf to watch with me! (Jennifer Gardner plus comedy? = guy paradise!)

  7. It sounds like fun, I'd love to watch this one....Thnx Yiota....

  8. @TheGirlOnFire: i think your bf will start hate us with all the recommendations we are giving you :P Hahaha!

  9. @ Yiota It is funny that you say that, I think you may be right! Not to mention that I keep laughing while reading some of this responses so I keep getting, " What could possibly be so funny"!!!

  10. @Yiota: oh my oh my...i'm happy that he doesn't know where we live

  11. @yiota: this movie is not geeky at all


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