Thursday, July 14, 2011

Meme Results

Hello!!! How are you guys? :D Tell me your news before you go reading ^^

Soooo...the memes form is still open for everyone who want to fill it and tell us an opinion (i read everything!), but i got the results now after a month and i want to share with you the decisions i took and some comments. In case you are wondering what we you will see in our blog from now on :)

Meme Stats:
Do you like memes in general?
Yes - 25
No - 4
Not all of them - 37
No answer - 1

Which of the weekly memes want to die?
In My Mailbox - 19
Spotlight List - 22
What's New Wednesday - 14

Which of the "we do when we remember they exist" memes want to die?
Movies VS Books - 13
Should Be Movie- 13
We Listen - 16
Series we loved - 14

Which new memes want to bring to life?
Artist Of The Week - 14
Interview with Designers - 14
Weird Interview with Bloggers - 30
Cliche Scenes - 14
Stories - 25
Poster Awards - 16

Comments & Replies:

Hi, I'm interested to see what sort of response you get to this. I've always done Parajunkees Feature/Follow Friday and get a lot of positive response to it. A few weeks ago I added On My Wishlist which seems to have gone down well. I've now decided to attempt to do a daily meme - as well as regular blog posts to see the reaction I get (and whether I can find enough to say!) I've not been going long so haven't got the courage yet to approach too many others for interviews and guest posts but I'm hoping to add those in the future as well.
I know all of those memes and they are actually really cute and nice way to communicate. The thing is that i don't want to fill with even more book memes the blog and as for Follow Friday, it would be difficult to get replies from the whole team in less than a day. I hope you are doing great with your blog. I'm following you for some time now :)

I kinda like the poster/cover award!
Good luck

Thank you! Johnny said it was stupid o.o

I don't see a reason to kill any of the memes. I enjoy them.
When you don't get attention at some of them, makes you kinda sad. It feels like people don't like them. That's why i ask.

I think your blog is a unique blend of books, movies and music - you always have something new to offer. So keep up the great work!
Thank you <3

Movies VS Books should never been there in the 1st place it's like compering fruits to vegetbles! Also imo both stories memes and artist of the week should be brought in
Hahaha..that's a way to see it. Yes, most times there is no comparison but there are some book which actually seem better as a movie.

Johnny is awesome
That's you Johnny, aren't ya?

I like rubber ducks :3
Me too! Though my dog took them all and put them at his toys! He even got on the chair, then the desk, stand in his two back toes so he can reach one! :O

I will say something awesome : "The Shadow"
Thanks for your comment, Silvestro.

I don't really understand the cliche scene thing. Maybe if I saw an example I might be more interested. 
Oh...hmmm....i couldn't explain better. Sorry :/ Maybe when you see it, you will get it better.

I don't usually care about memes...they are usually a waste to me.
They just annoy me, when a blog has more memes than reviews.

So I didn't want to get rid of ne of the weekly memes, I enjoy them all. I love how informative they are. So I clicked a box and random in that section, I would prefer they all stay.

When you said KILL and DIE....I just picked the ones I absolutely adore. I can't hate them. They're adorable :D
Great blog

My little babies ^^

You rock!
Of course we rock! We are awesome!

Amazing how I've barely heard of any of these. LOL.
That's because i prefer create our memes and have something original in our blog.

I really don't like many of the memes but they don't bother me. If I don't like them, I just scroll past them.
Best approach.

Awesome meme :))
Now, you really confused me.

In My Mailbox - Many of you don't like and i can't say i enjoy it either. But let's say the truth. It brings traffic and new people and since we don't do any of the other "big" memes we kinda need it. It's the easier to do. It will not stay but not leave either. It will be here at the last Sunday of each month.
Spotlight List - I guess this is out :/ I wish we had more traffic since it gets so much time to write it. We do have some lists ready, so you will see it a bit more before disappear completely.
What's New Wednesday - For the same reason as Spotlight List, the meme will be stopped. I do post new things on twitter, facebook and tumblr so you will find everything there too :)
Movies VS Books - This one is out.
Should Be Movie- This one is out.
We Listen - This one is out (now if someone want to write it once in a while i will not say no since it's only music related posts).
Series we loved - This one is out as well. We will just continue the TV Series reviews without being necessery belong to the meme.

On the new memes
Artist Of The Week &  Interview with Designers - I will combine those two and pick one artist each month for an interview and spotlight.
Weird Interview with Bloggers - That's totally in! If not each week, then every 2nd week ;)
Cliche Scenes - I'm thinking put it up as a weekend meme.
Stories - Bahaha! Need to convince Johnny to post something. Maybe 2-3 times the month.
Poster Awards - Will do once in the month.

Any comments or ideas highly appreciated!:) Thanks anyone who filled the form.
-xoxo, Yiota


  1. Mmmm stories-meme sounds good. I'm eager to see what you come up with!

  2. I am SHOCKED that you assume that just because a person said i am awesome that is me!!!!!

  3. And I have to report your prejudice against my many and loving funs !

  4. its another proof that Yiota sabotages our image!

  5. Noooooo! Some of my favorite memes are going away. How will I ever get my movie/tv/book news without your Wednesday posts? :(

    At least it looks like there will be some fun new ones that I can comfort myself with!

  6. I will be looking forward to the new ones :)
    But many of the ones which I liked are going.
    Thanks for taking your followers' opinions!

  7. So I am fairly new to commenting on this site. I have to say that I am sad that you guys are changing so much! I really enjoy your blog.

  8. You guys make me feel sad about the decisions. I think i have to re-think some of them. Maybe about What's New Wednesday.

    @Johnny-Silvestro: i know you were you that wrote those comments!

  9. @Yiota: no, it wasnt! it was one of our millions of fans. Right fans?

    *cheers and applause*

  10. yay go Johnny and Silvestro ! Show them the power of your funs, and by that I mean us :D

  11. oops forgot to put it on as anonymous ><

  12. It's a shame when posts take ages but don't get many comments! =(
    Being honest, if you like writing any of the ones you are stopping then just keep doing them, it's your blog!!
    I love IMM and l am shocked people said that, it's the post I get the most comments on ...

  13. i am glad with the decisions, generally i don't like meme's, but some of them are good like What's New W.

    i don't like at all the meme's:

    -Artist Of The Week & Interview with Designers
    -Weird Interview with Bloggers
    -Poster Awards

    Cliche Scenes : how this one can be a meme?
    Stories: this might be fun


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