Thursday, July 28, 2011

Poster / Cover Awards - July 2011

Another new meme! Hope you enjoy it!!! ^^

How it works?
We post the poster/covers of a book and a movie with the first thought in our mind when we see them and pick the winner!
When posted?
Once each month.
by Yiota

Poster Nominees - Resident Evil: Extinction

For some reason i find it more mysterious but at the same time you can see that the movie will have some serious action. I also love the colors and it's simplicity is a good thing in this one. I like how they played with the title colors to match the background. ( + i do have this poster in my room XD)
Cover Nominees - Hex Hall

I was between this one and the "MEAN GIRLS" cover. But i do like this one better. It shows you some secrets of the book which you don't get before reading and at the same time it says "i'm probably something with magic and boarding schools. read me" which actually match the book. I really don't get how they picked the rest covers. Doesn't even make much sense.

Which ones you will pick? Do you have the same reactions like me when you see them?


  1. i agree with the covers you picked, but it was hard for me to read the comments you made at the side of them.

    Hell Hax cover you picked was the best but even that was not that good and Resident Evil: Extinction cover was the only one that would make me want to see the movie !

  2. yep I would choose the same covers :D
    the resident evil poster seems more shadowish so I like it and the other one reminds me of some fantasy and science fiction movies about mirror worlds so I like that too.

  3. Resident Evil is always for the win, the covers, games, books and movies are all epic. And I do actually like the Hex Hall cover your picked, it is my favorite. I think it relates to the book the most and looks the most interesting.


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