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The Witcher II : Assassins of Kings Review

The second installment in the RPG saga about the Witcher, Geralt of
Rivia, features a thoroughly engrossing, mature storyline defining new
standards for thought-provoking, non-linear game narration. In addition
to an epic story, the game features an original, brutal combat system
that uniquely combines tactical elements with dynamic action. A new,
modern game engine, responsible both for beautiful visuals and
sophisticated game mechanics puts players in the most lively and
believable world ever created in an RPG game. A captivating story,
dynamic combat system, beautiful graphics, and everything else that
made the original Witcher such a great game are now executed in a much
more advanced and sophisticated way.


A truly epic, intense, emotionally charged adventure with non-linear
game narration. Three independent plot lines with several alternative
events are dependent on the player s choices and lead to multiple
different game endings and several additional plot forks. This time
gameplay time will be shorter than The Witcher 1, but more intense and
packed with events.

A complex, realistic and mature story touching upon subject matter
seldom seen in other RPGs, told in a manner that is understandable and
attractive to contemporary gamers. We investigate the assassinations of
the rulers of the Northern Kingdoms and follow Geralt s personal theme,
in which he's looking for his own identity. Gradually we learn how
powerful forces influence our situation and what role they order us to

Rich, mature dialogue as found in Andrzej Sapkowski's book series and
The Witcher 1, presented in highly filmic cutscenes and dialogues
sequences, thanks to a new game engine.

New, improved system of flashbacks. Now the reminiscences of Geralt, in
which we observe the link between our past choices with current
actions, are realistically and smoothly woven into the gameplay.

Unique, deep, consistent and rich game world established in a series of
best-selling books by A. Sapkowski and recreated in the game to provide
an incredible, believable story-driven experience.

Believable, true-to-life characters with their own motivations and
goals. During our journey we meet ordinary men, soldiers, rebels,
powerful mages, rulers and their assassins. Depending on our decisions
we meet different game characters, and our relationships shape further
actions in the game.

Highly varied, breathtaking locations, which thanks to the new engine
create a cohesive, fully accessible world!

Rich, living world in which every character has their own way of life
and unique occupations. Our actions modify the relationship with the
game-world population and, in the case of the main plot line, open or
close the possibilities of interaction with the game world.

Greater freedom of exploration to provide increased game realism and a
wider range of new tactical options. Geralt will surmount barriers,
jump over fences, scale walls and ascend rock formations.


So guys you already know about biomods and nanopods but now it's time to learn about the old traditional techniques of genetic mutation that some old, and pretty much self destroyed, planets of the inner systems used. Of course in our days it's just a legend but I saw one mutant during a hit and for my bad luck he was working as my target's bodyguard, but he paid for his choice of employment :D

The first witcher game had a great story, some cool graphics and animations and above average combat system but the RPG element was greatly abused to the point that the game became boring, now this game fixes that while improving all the other factors, I completed it in 3 days playing 8-10 hours per day, so excited I was ;)

Gameplay: Not much to say about it's gameplay, the controls are pretty easy to use but the cool thing about it are the battles. A good player can beat up 10 or more opponents at the same time, I was able to beat up to 4-5 of them. Then I turned the difficulty to easy, since I liked the story more than the actual battles, and I was feeling like I was playing the main hero in a Japanese movie :D that much hack and slash ;)

Story: The story just rulez :D It has the same ubercool world that was on the first witcher and now the added a civil war between humans and supernatural beings, such as elves, dwarves, dragons and more. The player is free to join either side and I think he/she will have fun no matter which side he/she chose. Also there are many well known fantasy movie and game references that adds a good sence of humour to the game.

Graphics: Yep I am in live with this game :D The graphics are really awesome, the world, the characters, the weapons, even the monsters look too cool to be in a PC game. Also there are some pretty good animations during fighting and some very cool animations during the cutscenes. Of course that makes the game pretty "heavy" and you need a good machine to play it on full graphics but it is worth it ;)

So in a few words : This game rules, go buy it, and if you have a low end PC go buy a high end one just to play this game :D

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  1. It is unbelievable to me how good graphics are getting. My problem is I tend to enjoy playing on my xbox over the pc. Plus my computer is always being taking over so World of Warcraft can be played. I think it is epic that you can change sides, alas I fear I would have a hard time choosing. I haven't played the first one but this one deserves a chance it seems.

  2. I didn't really like world of warcraft, mainly because of the monthly fee, and the cartoon like graphics, but I have friends who tell me it is good in gameplay aspects, I haven't played it so I don't really know...
    Sadly I don't own an XBOX, although I really like kinect, so I won't be doing reviews on XBOX any time soon :(

  3. I also don't like World of Warcraft, there is too much nonsense in that game. Pass. My boyfriend is the computer hog. No worries I have a few other systems and I do have a gamer pc! But you are so missing out on not having an xbox, I love mine!


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