Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Southern Vampire Mysteries: Dead As A Doornail, Review

Sookie Stackhouse enjoys her life, mostly. She's a great cocktail waitress in a fun bar; she has a love life, albeit a bit complicated, and most people have come to terms with her telepathy. The problem is, Sookie wants a quiet life-but things just seem to happen to her and her friends. Now her brother Jasin is about to turn into a were-panther for the first time. She can deal with that, but her normal sisterly concern turns to cold fear when a sniper sets his deadly sights on the local shifter population.
She's afraid not because Jason is at risk, but because his new were-brethren suspect Jason himself may be the shooter. Sookie has until the next full moon to find out who's behind the attacks-unless the killer decides to find her first.

This is the fifth book of the Southern Vampire Mysteries or the Sookie Stackhouse novels or simpler True Blood.

What you have to know about this book is that I read it while I was sick. And even though I wasn't completely into the book it was on the last chapter that I noticed the book had a serious lack of action.

The book starts pretty good. Sookie helps Jason for his first turn into a were-panther, and her life starts being as normal as it can be from now and on. Then, here it come a shooter who targets shape-shifter and Sookie is trying to do her best to truck it down by using her telepathy. In the meantime, Eric asks her questions about what happened between them during his staying in her house and we have to follow every little thought that's going on into this pretty head of hers. Sookie has many thoughts in her mind and they don't all of them have to do with adventure and romance.

Until we reach the end, the book becomes a little boring. I don't think it had to do with my recovery, because I'm sure that if something fascinating was happening I would wide my eyes open, fix myself on that chair of mine and read focuser until the fascinating scene was over.

Bottom line, I think that it was an ok book, the only thing that saved it was the scenes with Eric, I liked the previous better and I have to disagree with the Publisher's Week saying that it was "the best yet".


  1. I watch the series and I like them but I didn't know there are also books :D
    Nice job nina ;)

  2. Sookie Stackhouse has ruined those books for me for good ;-)

  3. I have the same problem with this series. When is hot it's hot but when it's not its well boring. I love most of the characters and I think she does a good job with her paranormal lore. But I hate that Eric is not on EVERY page!!! He is the best part of this series;)!

  4. Silvestro: Thank you....The books are mostly girly though....

    Athanasia: I feel you....

    TheGirlOnFire: I know what you're talking about....I prefer Eric more too....


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