Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud, Movie Review

Charlie St. Cloud has been given the gift of seen his diseased brother, but when a new love interest is in trouble he must choose between saving a life or continuing to see his brother every day.

The reason I saw the movie was because I was curious to see the lead actor in a different role than the ones we used to. The story sounded interesting even though it wasn't very explainable.

What you think watching the trailer and what I understood is that Charlie is seeing his brother's ghost, because of his love for him. And when he starts dating someone, these memories he may have are starting to lose their power. Well, I was surpriced I was wrong, and I was surprised in a good way. The directing part was really good, and mostly it has to do with the fact that the places you see are great, forests, coasts, nature in general. As for the script, the movie is based on a book, so I think they followed the same language, even though I read somewhere that there are differences between those two, but most of them have to do with details. At least I think.

About the actors:
Zac Efron was great. I liked him at 17 again, but in this one he was plain great, his role had to do with a guy in the mid-20s and that means it was closer to his own age, which was more suitable for him. He reminded me absolutely nothing of High School Musical and I think he shown us how great actor he is.
I have nothing to say about Charlie Tahan and Amada Crew, because I haven't seen them in previous roles, but they both were really good.
Kim Basinger and Ray Liotta were also in the movie as the mother and the paramedic who saved Charlie's life, but they both had a really small role. You only see them in one or two scenes, and I think that this was really bold, to have just two scenes in a movie. But two really life-changing scenes for Charlie.
Lastly, there was Augustus Prew, who was the only comic person in the story. The one who never thought Charlie was crazy, treated him as his friend and was his friend.

Bottom line, I recommend you the movie. It's little sad and anxious, but it's a great one. I liked it a lot and I felt really good watching it. Even if you don't like any of the actors in this, I'm sure this movie with change your mind.


  1. We enjoyed this movie too! Zac Efron is adorable and dreamy combined, and we thought the brother and the main girl were good too.

  2. I enjoy this as well. I like the bond between the two brothers. Though I like the book better this adaptation is also good.

    You may check my review here:

  3. I want to see this one... my sister has, and she said it wasn't good. Then again, her opinion isn't very reliable in most cases. Lol.

  4. Still haven't watch this one! I need to get my ass down and catch up with some movies!

    1. you should watch it! i really enjoyed it ;)

    2. oh my god! can't believe i still haven't watched this one XD

    3. I cannot believe it either, since you were the one who proposed it to me....

  5. I was going to pass on it because I had heard some negative reviews, but if you liked it then I think I probably will too. Thanks!

  6. i loved this movie too, fistly i thought i wouldn't like it because i thought that Zac Efron wasn't a very good actor, but after watching it i changed my mind, he was actually very good. the story was interesting and i also enjoyed the beautiful sceneries.

    thank you for recommending it, it left me with a such warm feeling :)


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