Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Lost Adventures) , Graphic Novel Review

One of America's hottest shows returns! For three years, millions of eager fans tuned in each week to watch Nickelodeon's hit animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Ever since, fans have been hungry for more - and now their wait is finally over!
This volume collects the long-out-of-print, fan-favorite comics previously published in Nickelodeon Magazine and with the Airbender DVDs, plus over 70 brand-new comics pages. That's over 26 stories set in Airbender continuity, by a host of top-notch talent, many of whom worked on the original animated series itself.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Lost Adventures)
Graphic Novel, 240 pages
Expected Publication: July 27, 2011 by Dark Horse Comics


I've previously read another graphic novel from Avatar which was supposed to be the original story, but it was actually based on the movie which was not good at all. Plus, it had the characters appearance changed so when i got this one from NetGalley, i had my doubts of what i will see.

As it seems, this one is created of some of the original creators of the series and some others new ones. It has 4 parts (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Bonus Stories) with each one of them includes short stories of 5 (more or less) pages.
Each story is placed in the right chronological order and not only that but they actually had connection with the animation series! Seriously, it was like watching the show! It was that cute and stupid things that made the show awesome, with Sokka and his jokes, some romance between Aang and Katara, more Zuko and Iroh, more Toph and her weirdness!! I absolutely loved it! I finished it in about an hour and i didn't stop laughing from the first to the last story. There is no chance, a fan of the series don't like it. Is exactly what we are used to.

What was not easy to get used to it though, was the difference between the artists. There were artists who draw exactly like the show was (probably they draw the animation there too) and some others which the sketches were a bit different. 2/3 of it, is the usual known to as sketches so it's not such a big deal.

Kids and fans of the show (teens,grannys..even dogs) will love it. Adults who are new to this they might find it silly. I belong to the first category ^^

Thanks NetGalley and Dark Horse Comics for a digital edition of the novel.


  1. I loved this TV show, I had no idea a graphic novel version was being released! Might have to read it and reminisce - thanks for the review! (I belong in the first category too :P).

  2. As far as graphic novels based on things goes, this was a really good one. I would buy a copy. If it were on sale. :P

    I used to be totally obsessed with the series, but it has died down a bit since the finale.

  3. I haven't watched the series but I watched the movie and it was a very big dissapointment, so I thought the series would be also, the fact is that I don't know, yet.

  4. I have watched the movie, pretty weak. I may still give the graphic novels a chance though since in my opinion movies don't always give books the credit they deserve.

  5. @Liz: woohoo for Avatar fans!!

    @Cass: Johnny made me watch the series. They were really awesome. And this graphic novel it really is good. Now i just can't wait for the sequel with Aang's daughter if i'm right. I think it will air next year.

    @Silvestro: do not compare the show and the movie. it's blasphemy.

    @TheGirlOnFire: this certain graphic novel it's not a re-tale of the story. just some extra things like filler episodes for the show.


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