Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Recommendation: Blind Thirst by Veronica N.Davis

I haven't done that before but for everything there is a first time. Yesterday i found out about Veronica N.Davis. Veronica is 19-years old girl who has her book published and she is already going for the second one. We, the bloggers, support (admit it!) mostly really famous authors who they already doing great without us anyway. But i feel it's most important to support someone of that age-our age-. Veronica is a really talented girl (you should check our her biography) and she made one of her dreams come true (and i know how many young bloggers have the same dream). Her book belongs at YA genre and I'm really curious to see how a book from an author who belongs at Young Adults is. The reviews at Amazon and Barnes&Noble are the best about it. Obviously was added to my TBR list.

Oh! Something worth mentioning! Veronica has an amazing fan database! Man! You can't believed how much they support her, help her and love her! Seriously i haven't see something like that before. If you don't believe me, just check out our yesterday's tweets.

Also available at Barnes&Noble, Xlibris, Tor, BookDespository,Borders


  1. This is so awesome! She's going to love it. We DMed it to her in case she isn't able to see the tweet! Omg. Thank you for supporting her. It means a lot to us!
    Angel of Team VND

  2. angel again lol did you know she designs her own sites and books! :) It's so cool. They give her a format, she makes it happen. She also creates soundtracks on the piano for them :) SO COOL!

  3. Its great to know of such a young and talented author. I will glad to add this to my TBR. Thanks for the info!

  4. Wow that sounds really awesome!
    That's real talent right there!
    Thanks for the rec!!
    Also, Yiota you won! :)
    <a href="</a>


  5. It sounds like a great read - thanks for the review!

    Thanks for joining the fun at Book Dreaming - good luck! :-)

  6. @anonymous please please send us link for the soundtracks! ( i got a thing for orchestral themes)

    @post in general:P i must say i was a bit dissapointed when i saw that it is another vampire-human love story thingy, those things are everywhere these days...i mean...gah!. But this one seems...unique! interesting!I must say i am really curious as to read this. Yiota i am so borrowing this

  7. @yllektra: yeah i know:D i got an e-mail as well:)

    @Johnny: i can't believe what you said right now :o


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