Friday, October 15, 2010

Games/Books that SHOULD be movies! #1

There is not one person that has no idea what the tittle Metal Gear Solid is in Playstation 1. Not one person as well dissagrees in this sentence: "Dude! Wouldnt Megal Gear be awesome as a movie?" Personally i think that those games of Konami settled a new standard for the gaming world since they were the first that managed to marry the art of making an amazingly realistic (for the time being) game, with the twists and turns of a Hollywood class spy-action movie. Stand aside James Bond, Solid Snake is on the loose!

Game Info

The game begins with Solid Snake (the main character) entering through water in a military held facility, where terrorists hold their base and threaten a nuclear assault. Holding the world under pressure and demanding a skyrocketing ammount of money the secret forces enlist the best of the best. Solid Snake. The game series is a stealth-sneak-action game. The player has to avoid and evade guards, using clever techniques such as banging on the wall to distract the guard, then run around to get behind him and so on. The game is not solelly based on that. The game begins to have interest the moment you enter the facility and complete the main objective: to rescue the DARPA chief Donald Anderson, who dies in front of you by a heart attack. The game then unfolds and gets wierder and wierder keeping you on your toes constantly.

Why it should be a movie?

THERE IS NO WHY? Its an amazing game, with amazing plot and story. Most, hell no, ALL of the ppl that have played this game agree :P

Cast (ah s**t i hate this part):

Solid Snake: Bradley Cooper
Meryl: Milla Jovovich OR Kate Backinsale
Conolell: Sean Connery
Liquid: Michael Sheen
Deepthroat: Bruce Willis
Dr Hall Emmerich: Chris Evans
Mei Ling: Lucy Liu
Naomi Hunter: Ali Larter
Vulcan Raven: Dolph Lungdren
Revolver Ocelot: Bill Nighy
Psycho Mantis: Rob Schneider
Sniper Wolf: Cameron Diaz
Decoy Octopus: Samuel Jackson
I think i got them all......

Well here it is. Post comments, opinions, ideas, and well why dont you also e mail us what you think is a great game/book that could be a movie?


  1. I can't say I know the game! You KNEW there would be one! Anything with Bill Nighy in though and I'd be there like a shot.

    Books I think should be made into films? Been raving about this one on my own blog - the book trailer says it all - it would be CRIMINAL if this wasn't made into a film ;)

    I've also just finished The Forest of Hands and Teeth and that would make a fab film too!

  2. @ Carmen seriously! it would be a crime that would make death sentence come back if they DONT make a movie out of that! It must be awesome!. Thanks for the comment :D. Btw if you are a game fan I reccomend finding a playstation one and playing the game. Its like...amazing!

  3. I have absolutely zero idea about games.(Sorry!) But I agree with Carmen - anything with Bill Nighy is watchable.
    A book which I desperately want to be made into a movie is The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. I can imagine someone like Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet playing the main character with their usual brilliance.

  4. @misha no worries about not being a gamer. Bill Nighy was just perfect for the role on terms of both style and appearance. Those were my criteria for choosing them. The handmaid's tale sounds familiar somehow. I might have read it, or I am just confusing it with something else :P Thanks for the comment :D


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