Sunday, October 24, 2010

In My Mailbox (4) - Notable Quotables (5)

In My Mailbox #4 - Weekly meme from The Story Siren
The idea is to post the books you got this week, whether you bought them, got them as a gift, from the library, or received them to review.

Nina - Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger
Yiota - Vampirates:Empire Of The Night by Justin Somper
Yiota - Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan
Yiota - The Way of Shadows: The Night Angel Trilogy: Book 1 by Brent Weeks

Yiota - Wanting Seila Dead by Jane Haddam

What did you get this week?


Notable Quotables is a meme hosted by Bewitched Bookworms.Each time we share a quote we loved and explain why we picked it. Be part of it here: Notable Quotables

"You didn't see it?" said the Prince of Krondor as he regarded his youngest son and the Squire from Ludland."How could you miss the biggest warship in the Drodorian fleet when it was less than a hundred feet away!" - Arutha by The King's Buccaneer, Raymond E.Feist
picked byYiota

For starters, 100 feet is about 30 meters. Just in case. I picked this quote for two reasons. Firstly, King's Buccaneer is my fav book from my favourite author ( i have about 17 books of the series. Still goin on...) and i wanted to share something of him with you. Secondly, Arutha and his young son Nicholas are both at my top 10 fav characters. Nicholas is my at top 5 actually. And of course it's one of the scenes i laughed really hard. Yeah..they fall on the ship with their sailing boat. The sailors almost got a heart attack thinking they killed the prince..<3

What's yours today?


  1. Thanks for dropping by my mailbox, I hope to read Halo and Entice after some of my other review books.
    I haven't heard of any that you have got this week but the covers look exciting. Congratulations on winning Wanting Sheila Dead!

    I think that you would love Revolution, it really is a very special book.

    I hope that you enjoy reading all your books this week! :D

  2. Thanks for stopping by my mailbox. I have head so much about The Demon's Lexicon. I will be looking forward to you review of it.

  3. Fab books this week. Hope you enjoy them! My mailbox is here.

    You can link reviews of books with a romance element on this week's Read My Review

  4. Thank you for commenting on my IMM. Oh I haven't seen that nice cover of The Demon's Lexicon, and I'm looking forward to read your review of Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger.

  5. Vampirates looks great and great set of books this week.

    I had a chaos moment with mouse and posted wrong link for this week's mailbox... My mouse and I don't click well....

    Here's the right link ...check out my HELLO KITTY books! So excited to get these for my niece!

    Corrected link for Aisle B

  6. Nice selection this week! Vampirates looks interesting. My IMM is here:

  7. I got Last Night at Chateau Marmont a week or so ago but haven't started it yet. Sounds good though!

  8. Great books. Vampirates sounds cute.

  9. It'll probably take a while until I start Last Night at Chateau Marmont, but I will soon....

  10. @Stephanie: I understand. You got many last week. And thanks for the congrats! I feel proud of myself!

    @Misha: really?:o i have heard of it only once!

    @Trillian: I have already link review ;) Checking your IMM!

    @Aisle B: Vampirates are great! I say try them! ^^ Thanks for leaving your link!

    @nikkibrandyberry: In case you want to check more Vampirates, i have write reviews for the rest books ;)

    @Alison: ^^

  11. You have some good looking books. Hope your enjopying them. :) Have a nice week


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