Monday, October 4, 2010

The IT Crowd

"Award-winning comedy from writer Graham Linehan. Banished from the ivory towers of Reynholm Industries, the IT crowd lurk below ground, avoiding work and social contact in equal measure..." Official Site info


Well this is not really a review, its more of a recomendation. The IT crowd is the story of a the IT department of Reynholm Industries. The 3 individuals Jenn, the manager of the department, who has no idea of computers whatsoever, Moss the science and computer freek, and Roy who is probably the average geek, find themselves in various situations which they have to deal each with their own unique way. The series has an outstanding sense of humor, and the characters are each and every one worth your time. The show is rather short, with only about an average of 6 episodes per season, and only 4 seasons. I strongly recommend it without hesitation. You will cry from laughter if you are a fan of english humor that is.


  1. I'm completely in love with Moss!Does that make me weird? :P
    Awesome,AWESOME series!!!!!

  2. @AtenRa No it doesnt make you weird.Moss is my personall favorite as well!. Also i love the Reynholm father and son. They just kick ass

  3. I finished the series recently! oh was so much fun!
    I'm team Roy!

  4. starting it asap, just when I completed all my series and I was looking for a new one :D

  5. @Silvestro: oh now you are watching it! but when i told you.. you weren't that exited XD

  6. off course not, he started it because I said so :P

  7. this series is so funny!!

    my favorite momment was when Moss had a concussion and when he hit his head and opened his eyes they played the sound of windows when the computer starts XD

  8. I need more IT crowd episodes... Asap, Stat, NOW !


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