Friday, October 29, 2010

The Oracle Rebounds Review

As the “oracle of dating,” Kayla is supposed to have all the answers about love and relationships. She’s supposed to have the perfect relationship. But now that Jared is “taking a step back,” Kayla feels like a total fraud.
So the expert on dating starts taking her own rebound advice—and some from her friends—and stops moping around. Yeah, there are other possibilities out there—including the beyond-cute French foreign exchange student she’s showing around town. But when controversy erupts about the Oracle’s advice, Kayla is sent reeling once again. Will anything work out for her this year? Yet when her friends start seriously needing the Oracle, Kayla begins to focus on what really matters: Viv, Sharese, Amy and Ryan, her trueblue buds. And suddenly, everything starts making sense again… 

Here we are with a young adult book with no magic from me! I'm surprised myself.

I used to read books like Oracle Rebounds a lot, 2-3 years ago. I liked simple romances of teenage girls and guys and when i saw the book i couldn't resist. 

The book starts with Kayla and Jared break up. Still it's difficult for me to understand why Kayla though he wanted to break up with her. It was pretty obvious he had more to say. And we see to end he indeed had some more things to say. Before be back together again, we follow Kayla's and her firends' love life. They literally live to date, it's the only thing they have in mind. 
The story last as Kayla had count the rebound days for a relationship. And at every chapter we see how many days have passed. The book is small and it's moving really fast if you think how many things happened. It's a pretty weird feeling i had when i was reading it. I couldn't understand the characters..they weren't developed enough for me. You could see their actions and nothing more. New characters last only a chapter but it supposed they changed Kayla's life with their actions. And there is really nothing more than the love life of everyone. I felt like it missed something. It was kinda boring. You don't even get a good look at Kayla's family. Somewhere before the end, Kayla had some problems with her site, Oracle, so the things became more interesting and finally i could see something more from her.

Overall, the book was pretty ok. Small though. If i had read when i was around 15 i know i would have loved it but right now not so much. I guess it's for high school girls. Definetelly not boys. I can't imagine a boy read that.Hehe...And you have read so many romances, books like it look empty. At least that's me.

If anyone else, around my age, have read the you believe the same? I'm really curious.

Thanks Harlequin for providing an ARC for review.


  1. Haha I know what you mean.The book does sound like one , which a 15 year old would enjoy.

  2. So i see it's not me. Good to know :P


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