Friday, October 22, 2010

Games/Books that SHOULD be movies! #2

This time i will write for a book. Just so you ppl out there dont think that I dont read. I do read...often...sometimes...a bit....on some occasions...rarelly... ANYWAY! Focus here people....PEOPLE! HEY!...over here! Yes follow the colourfull image. No dont...I...ITS NOT FOOD! you cant smell it either! its a picture for pete's sake!. listen for a while then you can go eat...No there is no hamburgers....yes we have cookies....the food stand is on your right as you exi...NO people! stay! Im not gonna bore you I swear!.....sigh....ok so its just me and........a dog....Well animal audience is better than no audience. So i will begin this post. As you see here the book i chose, make it more like a trilogy apparently is the Bartimaeus im talking to myself, even the dog left. WELL IM GONNA FINISH THIS POST NO MATTER WHAT!

Book synopsis: The book is an interesting and dark approach to the world of mages. The world is our world, in a way, but also NOT our world. Although the countries and scenery are the same as our world, due to the existance of the Mage's things are not like our current world. For instance England is an empire streching through a large part of Europe for instance, America is a province of wild tribes etc etc. Now, the first thing that drew me in this book was the approach it did to wizards. Stand aside goodhearted Harry Potter, eat dirt noble Dumbledore, cos those wizards, are self righteous bastards, arrogant snobs and frankly i wanted to punch them all in the face. The mages are the monarchs of the world and they actually consider all those that are NOT wizards, as inferior beings with their sole role to serve them. Interesting yes? Well it IS since im all alone in here talking to an empty theater. Another thing that also kept me from not burning the book due to the disslike of the mages was.....wait im not supposed to do a review right?....well DUH look at the tittle!!

Why it should be a movie:
FINE! now im arguing with my own self. Anyways lets get to bussiness. The book focuses around 2 (at the first book) and then 3 characters. Nathaniel, a young ambitious and pretty powerfull wizard, a genie (demon) called Bartimaeus (bet you didnt see that comming), and finally Kate a plain human of the resistance. The book has an interesting plot, that enfolds with some years in between the books, switching to 3rd person views whenever it describes what Nathaniel and Kate are doing, and on 1st person view, whenever Bartimaeus describes things from his point of view. The book has some amazing laugh scenes, especially with Bartimaeus. You literally stop reading to laugh. I think it would be an amazing movie due to its different approach to wizards, and demons. So long good wizards that want to save the world, and evil demons that wish to end it. Here is a contraversal, dark and, well lets face it, more realistic approach to the fantasy world. Interesting twists, and an end that made me feel really sad. (Hell i got so emotionall i almost shed a few tears). I believe if the book isnt mutilated and butchered in its process as a movie, will be a more dark and pleasant break from the usuall Harry Potter themed fantasy worlds.

Cast.....i really hate this part, but since no one is around i might go for it

Nathaniel: Kris Marshall, Skandar Keynes
Kate: Sarah Silverman, Mara Wilson (i know she grew up, but I dont really care :P)
Bartimeus: tough one, he shapeshifts, but as his Ptolemy version i would go for Ben Barnes

well those are the main, if i start putting every single character in the cast. i would as well make the movie :P. Anyway, rate, comment, throw things at it, buy the book, eat a sandwitch, below


  1. Oooh!! I absolutely ADORE the Bartimeus series! It should most denfinitely be movie!

  2. I just read that they are actually making a movie! The director is JOhn Madden

  3. really??????????????????????????????? OMG! im going to check it out!!! THANK YOU!

  4. Bartimaeus definitely should be movie! We need something new to replace HP and Bartimaeus is the right one!

  5. A book that made YOU cry? Even a little...i really need to read this series sometime!

  6. I didnt say i cry, i said I ALMOST cried...yeah it did leave me with a " ah man? WHY?" thing going on. I was really upset!

  7. We are talking about you so it's the same for me.


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