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The Dark Messiah, Heroes Of Might And Magic series Review

"Discover a new breed of action game powered by an enhanced version the SourceEngine from Valve.
Set in the Might & Magic® universe, players will experience ferocious combat in a dark and immersive fantasy environment. Become an expert warrior, mage or assassin, using a vast array of devastating weapons, against huge and vicious creatures in a deep and captivating fantasy world." Ubisoft game information

"Ten centuries shall the fortress stand,
Walls of spirit, wrapped in walls of fire,
And horned lords shall bow their heads,
To one not yet born, of the darkest Sire.

One century of blood and strife,
The moon shall darken and none know why,
The resting place at last is found,
Of the Seventh who soared so high.

Last daughter of a forlorn line,
Shall guide Him into history,
Beneath the crypts prophecies clash,
The war of ancient enemies."

Isnt this the coolest prophecy EVER?


YES! the moment you have all been waiting for!. Say what? what do you mean you werent expecting anything? dont really care what i do? OH IS THAT SO?...well FINE! Ill write the review anyway!. Well to be honest this game isnt really a top score when it comes to OTHER reviews! Truth be told it has some bugs, and it crashes sometimes. But personally i absolutelly adore this game. Why? 3 reasons. 1st its a game of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, so it doesnt really matters what it is. 2nd Its a FPS action-rpg game, with interesting story (no its not gonna blow your mind like other tittles but its a good solid story) and 3rd the game has everything i like. First person view with medieval weapons and magic? check, splatter scenes and semi-realistic violence? (the semi part is because of the hit points) check, really nice soundtrack? check, nice gameplay also check.
OK enough with my "OH MY GOD ITS A FCKING COOL GAME GO PLAY IT!" thing, lets get down to bussiness. The game, despite the few glitches and annoying bugs and crashes, is without a doubt the best fps rpg i have personally experienced. You are Sareth, an apprentice of the wizard Phenrig. You have been training your whole life (no idea what your ages is, since the game makes sure that everything is first person perspective you assume that sareth is your age) for a task that is unknown to you. The journey begins when master Phenrig, after taking you with him on one of his dungeon searches sends you on the free city of Stonehelm. There accompanied with a spirit of some sort (See? see? i avoided spoiles? arent i the best?) called Xana (which i swear to god took your virginhood from you in the journey, though no actual love scenes or sex references exist, even if they do they are reeeeeeeeeeeealy vague). The senario overall isnt anything unique or unusuall, yet the way it unfolds keeps you on your toes and before you know it you just HAVE to finish the game to see what happens.
As for the gameplay aspect the creators of the game made an awesome job. As you level you will gain ability points which you can spend to various trees, so you can spend them on melee combat, then you unlock critical hits, and strength, and the final tree of the fighting tree is adrenaline, which gives you 2 (instead of the normal 1) adrenaline bars, enabling you to do 2 fatalities (sinematic kills, or extremelly efficient, or just plain brutal ones that happen when you have full adrenaline and do a power attack). There is also stealth and magic and blah blah. What stands above everything is the realistic fighting in the dark messiah universe. The graphic engine uses laws of physics and everything has its own weight, and almost everything can be used as a makeshift weapon. So you can use telekinesis or you 2 hands to grab and throw things at your oponents, throwing them back, and sometimes killing them. You can throw chairs plates, spoons, jars, tables, crates, barels, shovels, kittens, chickens, little girls, boulders, rocks, mountains, grannies, shoping carts, pencils, little girls, cookies, crutches................................well not all of the above but you get the picture, I even Ronaldinho-kicked an enemy head in the face of another enemy, then the enemy guard fell down the stairs. I know it was violent and discusting but mostly funny. I had a nice chuckle with it.The swodplay is intence and every weapon will make you feel in character, weather is charge attacking with your shield and sword cuting enemies down, or backstabing an enemy on the throat, you REALLY get into character . Even bows have their own unique coolness. Personally i just felt all warm and fuzzy inside when i pinned an enemy guard on the wall with my arrow straight through his chest, or when i stabbed him in the throat with my arrow, but most of all when i decapitated him with a fatality shot. can do all you archer lovers out there. Magic is a different game, I wont bother giving details since the spells are almost classic, but the magician will be all like "oooh shiny and fiery!...oooh it exploded on impact! OOOOH THEY ARE SET ABLAZE!" and stuff.
FINALLY (dont cry i know you like reading this review...there there i will make more on the heroes series soon, i promise....there there...) The multiplayer is interesting! not as awesome or realistic like the single player, but interesting nevertheless. It actually is something like a crossover of Battlefield,RPG's and Counterstrike or Half LIfe. Basically you get to choose from either an archer, warrior, assasin, priest and mage. Killing opponents gives you xp which you use to buy skills and become even more awesome than just a man with a medieval weapon in a fantasy world. The setting is plain straight forward. 2 teams, undead and humans. Capture the flag, crusade and i think there is a free for all though i havent played it. Or seen it. Say what? What is crusade? its something unique in the dark messiah multiplayer thingy. It actually is a sort of onlline campaign. The 2 factions (Undead and Humans) have 2 capitals located on the far side of the campaign. The first map is located in the center of the maps and you proceed by capturing various points and decreasing the enemy reinforcements to 0 (what? battlefield copy? SILENCE! KILL HIM!) when the map is over and we have a winner we will proceed to the next map which is closer to the loser's capital. In that way the game goes on with constant pushes between the 2 factions, untill you arrive at the capital, and burn the hell of that place down. Then your team wins!. The xp and levels of your character will not only stay between maps, but as i have discovered throuth entire sessions of online gaming. What i mean is, that i left a ctf (capture the flag) map as a lvl 3 archer and logged on another map. and when i returned to that map and reconected i could still play as a 3 lvl archer. How do they do that? I DONT KNOW! maybe its magic!
TO END WITH THIS REVIEW......if you like RPG's and action games.....BUY...THE...GAME...if you like the heroes of might and magic series...BUY...THE...GAME! score is 9/10 and the reason it didnt get 10 out of 10 is because of some flaws and bugs they seem to have.

P.S Installing the update to 1.02 and then downloading the crack really erases many many bugs! nice!


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