Monday, October 18, 2010

We Listen: Lord Of The Rings The Complete Recordings

Just the previous week i found out about Lord Of The Rings: The Complete Recordings. I don't really know how it happened and searched about them. I think it was after we watched with my friends the uncut versions of movies once more. Before that, i had the the original soundtracks only. So here i am..searching..The difference of the Complete Recordings with the Original Soundtrack? While the OST is 3 cds, the Complete ones are 9.Yep! 9 cds full with LOTR music! One of the best OSTs that was ever made. The music is so fairytalish. It inspires me with everything. Drawing,reading,writing...The last week i'm listening again and again to it.
My favourite songs from the OST were May It Be by Enya (LOTR I) and Uruk-Hai by Howard Shore (LOTR II). My favourite songs from the Complete Recordings are The Road Goes Ever On... Part 2 (feat. "In Dreams") by Howard Shore & Edward Ross (LOTR I) and Théoden King (feat. "The Funeral of Théodred") by Howard Shore (LOTR II).
If you like that kind of music ( soundtracks or acoustic ) and you didn't know about  Lord Of The Rings: The Complete Recordings you should definetelly have to try them! It's a must!
 Do you like LOTR too? And what do you listen to when you are reading?

P.S: I was thinking to make the first post of the We Listen feature about The Pretty Reckless but my head is kinda stuck with LOTR right now. And i believe that acoustic music is far more better for when you are doing creative things or reading.


  1. Wait wait wait! Where can I find this at? I'm in love with movie soundtracks if the movies are based off of books. It just makes me feel all happy inside and Lord of the Rings had one of the best soundtrack music ever! Lol I must find these!

  2. I don't really know if they are at stores now. There are sure on Amazon though they are quite expensive.

    I guess i can send them to you, if you want.


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