Monday, October 4, 2010

Watch This Fall (TV)

So September ended and all the TV series have once again started. I thought it would be cool to write what i watch this fall. I have about 1 show for every day of the week. Some old ones...some new ones. Do you watch any of those too?
(Spotted=An interesting fact about the series or the new episodes)

Gossip Girl - Season 4
Gossip Girl is back for a 4th season and continues were it stopped. Blair and Serena vacationing in Paris, Chuck is there too (obviously he is not dead), Dan is a dad. At the  first 3 episode we already see Nate and Chuck with new girlfriends and one of them tries to destroy Serena as well. What a mess...As always of course.'s Gossip Girl. And until now i totally love it!
Spotted: Chuck's new girlfriend is Clemence Poesy, also known for her role at Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Fleur Delacour. Cute!

Chuck - Season 4
Chuck continues for its 4th season as well. As always promises lots of fun and action! He now searching for his mum and continue his life as a spy, once again without telling his sister. Buy More is back and all the good old characters.So far the 2nd episode was freaking amazing!
Spotted: There is an agent at the new Buy More, with the name "Greta" who at each episode portrayed by a different actor.

Glee - Season 2
I think Glee was one of the series i most waiting for, to start again. Man, i love their voices! Every episode it's so fun and different. I so missed Sue! As always tries to destroy Glee. And for the 2nd episode we had Britney songs and Britney herself! And we have new characters. Also Artie breaks with his girlfriend, a new coach appeared,Britany sings...Much more promising than the 1st season.
Spotted: The number the Glee club put in front of the school at the 2nd episode, is "sex" themed. Same was the number they used at Season 1- Episode 2, again in front of the school.

The Vampire Diaries - Season 2
Werewolves. Katherine. Do you really need something more? For me it's like the best vampire series. It's so balanced. All the actors are great, the plot is better at each episode. You really getting addicted to it. I think it's the series i most wanted for. Their last episode was a huge cliffhanger!And ok...who doesn't love Damon? He is bad and good and hot...oh well..and Stefan,Tyler,Matt..and the new guy Mason is cool too. Katherine is gorgeous..and a bit scary! Oh..and powerful!
Spotted: At the first episode of sn.2, Nina Dobrev had to play Elena, Katherine and Katherine who trying to pass as Elena.

Supernatural - Season 6

Most of the viewers were thought that the series will end at season 5. I believe the last episode would be a good series finale. Well..they are back. Most of the old characters are there and some people are back from the dead. I have to say, the 1st episode of the season sucked! It was disaster.Probably the worst episode from the whole seasons. Anyway, the 2nd episode was pretty good and looks like we have the boys back on the road.
Spotted: The 1st episode of the season didn't start with the usual "The Story So Far" music clip for first time ever.

The Big Band Theroy - Season 4
I think after FRIENDS is one of the most funny tv comedies. I love geeks. And Sheldon is everyones dreams. Season 4, starts really strong with Sheldon on a date which promises many laughs. It's the usual Big Bang Theory.
Spotted: Penny would be away for many episodes,later this season, cause of an injury the actress had.

Wizards Of Waverly Place - Season 3/4
Okay i'm 20 and i watch Disney. Kill me. Whatever you say it's one of the best kid shows i know. And it has magic. Season 3 currently is airing (abou 27th episode) and about 1-2 weeks after the end Season 4 will start. Season 4 will be also the last one of the series. I will really miss it. It's so funny!
Spotted: The series will end with a second Wizards Of Waverly Place movie.

New Series

Nikita - Season 1
Everyone who thinks that the series has something to do with La Femme Nikita, are right. It's a series re-make. An assassin who left division and now tries to destroy it. Great actors, tons of action, nice plot. I think it's a really promising show and so far i really enjoy it. I don't really know what's the difference with the old one, i mean except the old Nikita was blonde.
Spotted: The pilot episode got more viewers than the Vampire Diaries Sn.2 premiere. Nikita had about 36 millions viewers when Vampire Diaries had about 33 millions.

Hellcats - Season 1
Okay, that's totally a girly show. Cheer leading related. We follow the story of a girl, who becomes cheerleader when she tries to save her scholarship.It's not something really unique or interesting but it has its fun.
Spotted: Two Disney stars, Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Michalka are on the main roles.

 No Ordinary Family - Season 1
Have you watched Disney's Incredibles? If yes, that's what exactly is! The story who get superpowers after an accident. I found the series just yesterday and i think it's really funny. The family doesn't have the same powers or names as the Incredibles but it's really alike to it. Hahaha..Family series rock! XD
Spotted: The dad of the family, has one more time played a superhero. He was the Rock at the Fantastic Four movies.


  1. I love Glee and The Vampire Diaries! However season 2 of Glee hasn't started in my country yet. And ofcourse, Damon is my favorite..very swoonworthy.....

  2. @Misha: i'm wondering if there is someone who doesn't have Damon for favourite:P

  3. @Yiota Noone seems to notice Stefan. Poor guy!

  4. @Misha: hahaha..i think so yeah!

  5. @Misha. Yiota, i dissagree! in the second season Stefan is begining to kick ass...badly! not to mention that Uncle! (the werewolf) has emerged on the scene. Though i have to admit, Damon is like....he is like cake. You might like to eat more chocolate at times, but you always have cake as favorite :P

  6. great reviews, i will defenately watch vampire diaries from now on. i LOVE the big bang theory i think it's a great comedy show and i also belive that no ordinary family is going to be funny and very fun to watch !

  7. @athanasia: yay! you got my e-mail! cool!^^
    thanks for commenting! and i'm so happy that you watch no ordinary family too!:D

  8. oooooh I just became your follower !
    I think I'm gonna love your blog ^-^
    Can't wait for "Glee" !!!

  9. @Kathryn: Welcome Kathryn and thanks for following!
    Thumbs up for Glee!

  10. The 'Cheesus Episode' on Glee last week is my favorite so far. Religion is not an easy subject to take on.

    Chris Colfer has really grown into his role of Kurt too. I think it's great that young LGBT kids can tune in and see a proud young gay man on tv.

  11. I have to agree about that Glee episode. It was my fav so far as well. Not only for the good music but the whole religion part. It was really good to see that they put into all the opinions on religion. And how our life make us feel about god,etc.


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