Sunday, October 3, 2010

Notable Quotables #2 - We are Tagged!

Notable Quotables is a memehosted by Bewitched Bookworms.Each time we share a quote we loved and explain why we picked it. Be part of it here: Notable Quotables

"If knowledge was power I had under my possession the entire school" - Players & Gentlemen by Joanne Harris
picked byNina

It's the only phrase which stuck in my head for several reasons. One of them is that it's true. If you consider it, you will figure out the girl or the boy who have the power on your high school is the one who knows many things about the students. And before you say anything just remember Gossip Girl....And of course it's reminding myself, kind of. That's why this phrase is memorable to me.

What's yours? ^^


We were Tagged! This is an international game tag and we've been tagged by Anna from Books To Brighten Your Mood. This game's purpose is to get to know a blogger a little better by answering a number of questions for himself and after that you tag four other bloggers to get to know them better as well!
4 Things... my bag ...on my desk ...(fav ones)in my bedroom ...songs i can't get out of my head
Johnny -condoms
-D&D Character sheet
i down own a desk, my brother has occupied it -stuffed animals(from the surgeries i've done abroad)
-my laptop
-bedside table
-my wardrobe(my bow is inside it)
-Bug Eyes,Dredg
-Cartoon Show Room,Dredg
-Sea Theme, Heroes Of Might&Magic IV
-The Gravel Road, James Newton Howard
Nina -cellphone
-a lighter
-a pen
-a clock
-post-it notes
-currently reading book
-my bed
-my bookselves
-my laptop
-my journal
-Make Me Wanna Die, TPR
-Rock&Roll Queen, The Subways
-Shut Up, Simple Plan
-You, TPR
Yiota -UNO cards
-empty ball of ice-cream
-my books
-my computer
-my posters
-my bed
-Just Tonight, TPR
-Toxic, Glee version
-Billionare,Glee version
-Dreamer, Bethanny Dillon

4 Things... ...I Always wanted to do (but haven't yet) ...I enjoy very much at the moment don't know about me
Johnny -buy a wolf and register it as a dog
-visit Canada
-visit Boston NOT as a patient
-go to China/Japan and drink tea
-going to the movies with friends
-archery practise
-play video games
-drinking tea
from Yiota: He forgot to gave me!
Nina -have the round of the world
-write my own novel
-find a place on my own
-be the boss of a compane
-the relaxing times i have
-the books i'm reading
-my fav series
-write on the blog
-i'm a dreamer
-i can't write a story as i want it, though i'm trying
-i can hit someone really bad if he said smth bad on my friends
-i love writing my stories on notebook and not at my laptop
Yiota -convince John to publish our novels(i'm working on it)
-create art for book covers
-buy a tablet
-the blog!
-movie nights with friends
-writing with John
-i'm forum Admin at
-i love coding
-i like studing
-i love dragons <3

We Tag:
1. The guys at Bewitched Bookworms
2. Eleni at  /- LA FEMME READERS -/
3.Stephanie at Books Are A Girl's Best Friend
4.Jo at Once Upon a Bookcase


  1. I love it! Great quote.
    I haven't read that novel before. I'm definitely going to add it to the list. =)
    And thanks for the tag!
    I am loving the contents of your pockets: UNO & D&D FTW!!

  2. @cutie: i never go out without's more must than my wallet XD


  4. dammit, i didnt see your comment. the comment above was going @ cutie

  5. And the novel is really great too. I wrote a review. I believe it's somewhere on this blog....

  6. I haven't read Players & Gentlemen by Joanne Harris but it sounds great. I loved her book - Chocolat.
    I liked reading more about you guys. I have been a UNO fan since I was a child and I love the Glee version of Toxic!


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