Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What do we miss?

Hey ya everyone! I know it's too quiet here this week but well everyone deserves a break, right? That doesn't mean we can't fill the review emptiness with something else. And we would love to know what else you would like to see in our blog, or what you don't like. You are our readers after all and it's important to make your stay here more enjoyable. Soooo...more reviews? more memes? something new? more posts from the rest bloggers * it's not my fault Johnny and Nina don't post. It's not like i tell them not to XD* ? Feel free to share your thoughts...we don't bite! *Or at least you are far away from us and we can't bite you...*
The poll is included in this post and at the left sidebar *turn your eyes at the's under Currently Reading..yep!you found it!*. I will have it there for a month or so...

Happy voting!

*A secret: Me and Johnny write stories. Some of them are finished. I've told him to post something from them here and he is "nooooo". Write at the comments you want to read them but don't tell him that i told you so...shhhh...ok go vote now*

Thumbs up for Legend Of The Seeker avatar!*happy dance*


  1. I can totally understand. Blogging can be exhausting sometimes. But you guys are doing great. I like your reviews and the posts about TV Shows.Maybe you could participate in more memes so even if you are unable to review in a given week, there is still content on the blog

  2. you know I am kinda going to kill you Yiota for saying our little secret? you are aware? right? :P

    @Misha1989 Well we have a few ideas which are in the making, I am putting pressure on Yiota to make them more like a regular content but we are still discussing it :D

  3. Johnny don't be that harsh with Yiota, I knew your little secret too....

    Misha thnx for the ideas....We appreciate it....

  4. is there anyone that doesnt? LOL

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. LEGEND OF THE SEEKER <3 I love you more now! Haha

    But hmm I think readers like reviews more than anything so I would say more reviews.

  7. @Michael: cos only Richard can fall off the stairs while looking for someone in death-threatening ruins


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