Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alice In Wonderland, Review

19-year-old Alice returns to the magical world from her childhood adventure, where she reunites with her old friends and learns of her true destiny: to end the RedQueen's reing of terror.

When you see the names Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in a movie, for me, is a must see. I have to admit that the plot was a little bit weird the way you see it in the trailer, but interesting in the same time.

What I liked in the story is that they didn't erase the old story. The 19-year-old Alice, had already leaved her previous adventures and she can't remember them as real-life events, but as a dream that she keep seeing every night.

About the actors:
Johnny Depp: Seriously now, I can't think of something he did wrong, because he's a great actor for me. I love seeing his movies, because I know he is going to be perfect in each one.
Helena Bonham Carter: She was really great in the movie and I believe that weird roles like this one really suits her.
Anne Hathaway: Ok, that was a surprise. She was really good too. She played her role correctly like she was doing those kind of roles all the time.
Mia Wasikowska: I don't know what to say. I haven't seen her in her previous works to tell you if she's a nice actress or not, but in the movie was fine. I felt like she was trying to do her best and she did in the biggest part. The other part was that where I was feeling that she was I little lost. I don't blame her. Imagining all the time that you're seeing things that are evil or good is hard.

Now, the directing part. There are no words to describe it. Tim Burton is a genius. The special effects were great and they are the ones that made the movie great.

To conclude, I loved the movie. Everything in it was great and it is one of those you have to see, if you like that kind.


  1. Tim Burton definitely is a genius! I have devoured every one of his movies!:) As for Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter - they are such brilliant actors! However my Tim Burton favourites are Ed Wood and Big Fish.

  2. I have to agree with everything you said. The movie was really good and i did enjoy it a lot!
    It's was clever how he wrote the story, and didn't touch the original one.

    What i don't agree though, is that the movie is the 6th most successful movie of all time. It didn't deserve that. I can't believe Inception it's like 20 positions lower than this (or older movies like HP,LOTR,Star Wars,Pirates, etc). At least Toy Story 3 topped it.
    Now, i'm sure that all the movies who go well are the ones with the good promotion and 3D, not the ones they really deserve it.

  3. I would have enjoyed this movie if I did not watch it in a wrong cinema. I have no idea what happened to the screen. They were just too dark.
    The trailer that I saw on pc was much better.

  4. The ending of this one I found so sad!

  5. I thought the movie was fun but not as great as Inception for example, hehe, but it was fun to see Johnny Depp in it at least, that was a big plus point for me :D

  6. I enjoyed this movie, but I'm a big Burton and Depp fan. I just love the twisted stories they create.

  7. i wanted to watch this movie in a long time, so after i saw your review i imediately saw it!

    well all the actors were great, i didn't expect less from all of them. I have seen many of them in other Tim Burton's movies and i like always the result.

    As for the movie itself, i didn't like that much the story but i was never an alice in wonderland fun. i don't know why but i think that somethink was missing i can't find what but...

  8. Tim Burton is like the Murinio of movies... And Johnny Depp is like Messi...
    Amazing Movie,Amazing actors, amazing story... (For all of you PC-Gamers please play "American McGees : Alice".A bit old but the story is amazing...) I wanted to see it in 3D but noone followed... Still a great movie with the Duet Burton-Depp making us happy one more time...
    10/10 from me

  9. I have to say just one thing: I can't wait for more Burton-Depp masterworks :D

  10. @Choqm@n I LOVE YOU! I have been trying to find this game FOREVER!
    @Silversto AMEN!


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