Monday, January 3, 2011

series we loved: las vegas

Set on the fictional Montecito Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, we follow a team of people working there and dealing with issues that arise within their working environment, raging from valet parking and restaurant management to casino security.

Well, I loved it. It is comedy-drama and has a little bit of action. I can't choose among the characters and the actors, because each one had something to offer. Many of them were unknown before the show, at least to me. The places were great. I loved the scenes from Las Vegas and the places of the casino so much that made me want to visit Las Vegas for once or twice or more times.

The show had five seasons before it cancelled. The last episode is not the original ending, neither appropriate, in my opinion. It leaves you with agony and lots of questions. It is an appropriate season finale, like it happened in previous seasons, but not a show finale. I don't believe they even knew they are going to cancel it.

Anyway, despite the ending, the show is really good. I laughed a lot and I enjoyed it too. So, if you have time I totally recommend it to you.

P.S. This is my first post for the new year. It may say nothing to you actually, but it say a lot to me.


  1. happy new year nina!

    i haven't watched every single episode, but i have seen it in tv. i remember that i liked it! it was a good series. As for the characters i didn't like that much the women, i don't think that they are such good actresses.

    it's a good show thought, why not try it...

  2. is that Josh Duhamel? <3 I didn't know he playing in it! :o I love him!

  3. Ack! We didn't know it had been canceled!!! We really enjoyed watching it, and saw all of the ones that were shown ever here. *sob* gutted.

  4. Athanasia: thnx....since you've seen some episodes you can try the rest too....
    Yiota: Are you serious?? I've learn him through it, and I loved him too because of it....
    Michelle: I know that sucks....

  5. Have a wonderful New Year Nina! :)
    Thanks for bringing the show to our attention. I haven't watched it before.


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