Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guild Wars: Edge Of Destiny Review

Destiny Called - They Answered

In the dark recesses of Tyria, elder dragons have awoken from millennial slumbers. First came Primordus, which stirred in the Depths forcing the asura to flee to the surface. Half a century later, Jormag awoke and drove the norn from the frozen climes of the Northern Shiverpeaks, corrupting sons and brothers along the way. A generation later, Zhaitan arose in a cataclysmic event that reshaped a continent and flooded the capital of the human nation of Kryta.

The races of Tyria stand on the edge of destiny. Heroes have battled against dragon minions, only to be corrupted into service of the enemy. Armies have marched on the dragons and been swep aside. The dwarves sacrificed their entire race to defeat a single dragon champion. The age of mortals may soon be over.

This is a time for heroes. While the races of Tyria stand apart, six heroic individuals will come together to fight for their people: Eir, the norn huntress with the soul of an artist; Snaff, the asuran ge­nius, and his ambitious assistant Zojja; Rytlock, the ferocious charr warrior in exile; Caithe, a deadly sylvari with deep secrets; and Logan, the valiant human guardian dealing with divided loyalties. Together they become Destiny’s Edge. Together they answer the call. But will it be enough?
Ok, i will be honest. I had really low expectations from this book, since it is based on a game. To be honest I am rather defensive when it comes from movies that are based on games, and even more at books that are based on movies (Imagine when warcraft comes out, a movie based on a game and book...Yikes) I was surprised. The book was actually very good! The writing was nice and fluid, with enough detail to have a perfect idea of what is going on without being confusing. The action scenes are amazing, intense, fast paced and pretty cool overall. As for the plot of the story, it was also a pleasant surprise. Although more or less you know what is going on (the whole game-based thing) it still manages to maintain a rather interesting story, explaining all bits that require knowledge of the game story, making it an easy read even for someone who had no idea what the hell is Guild Wars. The story by itself was easy going, not particularly surprising but not boring either. I rather enjoyed the book, and i could not let it go until i had finished reading it. I recommend it to everyone that enjoys fantasy novels

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  1. I might try it when you get back. Seems pretty much ok!


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