Wednesday, January 5, 2011

what's new wednesday

Welcome to our new meme. What's New Wednesday is hosted by My Love Affair With Books and i totally love it since i can put in all the interesting news we found about each week! And Misha told me, i can put other than book news in, so i' really excited about it. In case you are wondering, this meme replaced the old Friday Finds. Our finds though will be still in, at the end of the post ;)

In front of every little paragraph will be a tag ( Music,Movie, Book,etc) so in case you are not interested in something you can just skip it.

What's New?

[Blog] I'm really excited since i found out a new blog likes us. At Vamps, Weres and Cassay you will be able to read reviews on Games,Books,Movies,etc like here!

[Blog] It's All About Books has a lovely page at their blog with dozens of Internationals giveaways around the blogoshpere! It's detailed, with book covers and really organized. So take a look at it right here.

[Blog] Wanna laugh and enjoy a interesting post about books and parents...and more importantly The Backup Book. Then keep in mind to check out Small Review. It totally made my day!

[Blog] The Indie Authors event at My Love Affair With Books just started and it's full of interviews and giveaways!

[Blog] More book news but these time about authors too! A new book tour (where we participate too) it's on the move and it's gonna be a hit! Book Lovin' Bitches Ebook Tours are for everyone who wanna take part with digital editions of books. Authors and Reviewers can find more info by clicking the link above.

[Blog] Now, a different blog. My friend Lisa is own a blog where she write about fashion, tv series, music and much more. If you are interested take a look at it. My best days are when she posts to vote for our fav outfit on famous people. Click over here!

[Books] Richelle Mead updated on all 3 series! Bloodlines (VA spin-off) will have Eddie,Sydney, Julie and as it looks Adrian in the main characters! AWESOME! Read the original post.

[Music] After 4 years, Avril Lavigne finally has a new hit out. She premiered it on New Year's Eve and while is not that good, at the same time is catchy and kinda stuck in your mind:P Listen What The Hell.

[Movies] It's not sure yet but there are some news around about a Nightmare Before Christmas sequel :o

[Movies] A new Godzilla movie is on the move....i believe Hollywood need some brains and finally make something different and unique! Jeezzzz...Call me!

[TV] I'm super excited about two new tv series that will start! The epic fantasy one, Game of Thrones based on George Martin's book. Sean Bean (Borromir from LOTR) is also playing in this one! Yay! And the 2nd, is Camelot. I'm not really sure about it yet but looks good!

[Manga] I don't know how many of you here read Manga, but just in case you are reading them online a small reminder (at least for the most famous ones). Jump is on a break until the 2nd week in January, that means no Naruto, Bleach until then. One Piece won't be back until the 3rd week. No Fairy Tail until January 8th. For more info visit MangaStream.

[Twitter] I believe everyone should follow @Lord_Voldemort7 . He will rock your world with his tweets! I wonder who is the mysterious person behind the account!

Click on the book covers for their summaries at goodreads.

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  1. Love this post!! And those Movie Trailers are great, I'm always behind about what's coming out soon so that is perfect!
    Thanks for pointing me to some great post I'd have missed otherwise!

  2. Love the post! Mine will come up later so I will include your post.
    I just watched Never Let Me Go- I loved it! It's as good as the book. Very heartbreaking though.

  3. you and Misha are amazing! thanks for keeping everyone informed. c",)

  4. Ooh I don't know how I feel about a sequel to Nightmare Before Christmas - I love the first so much.

    Love this new feature :)

  5. Heeey Yiota!
    Thanks so much for promoting my blog here :D Really sweet what you wrote about my blog :-) I appreciate it :D
    Thank you! :)

  6. You are so sweet! Thank you! :)

    And thank you for keeping me updated on all this stuff!

  7. PS : Lord Voldemort is indeed fun to follow on Twitter, haha :D :P :')


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