Thursday, January 6, 2011

Games/Books that should be movies! #11

Should Be Movies is back! And i have to admit it took me some time to decide what i will write about. I thought we need something to take the place of HP. They say Vampire Academy will do that, but i strongly disagree with that and i have already write about it. Then, i'm thinking that nothing took the place of LOTR as well. But..bam! "Stupid Yiota...Hobbit is coming out in about 2 years". So i'm out of ideas again. But i'm like "Ha! I will write about Raymond Feist books which are my favourites!" i'm starting searching for the cover and i stop..."what if it becames reality and they destroy it?:o no no no..i'm not writing Feist!" as you can see today we have Skulduggery Pleasant.

Story Summary: Meet Skulduggery Pleasant. Sure, he may lose his head now and again (in fact, he won his current skull in a poker match), but he is much more than he appears to be—which is good, considering that he is, basically, a skeleton. Skulduggery may be long dead, but he is also a mage who dodged the grave so that he could save the world from an ancient evil. But to defeat it, he'll need the help of a new partner: a not so innocent twelve-year-old girl named Stephanie. That's right, they're the heroes.

Stephanie and Skulduggery are quickly caught up in a battle to stop evil forces from acquiring her recently deceased uncle's most prized possession—the Sceptre of the Ancients. The Ancients were the good guys, an extinct race of uber-magicians from the early days of the earth, and the scepter is their most dangerous weapon, one capable of killing anyone and destroying anything. Back in the day, they used it to banish the bad guys, the evil Faceless Ones. Unfortunately, in the way of bad guys everywhere, the Faceless Ones are staging a comeback and no one besides our two heroes believes in the Faceless Ones, or even that the Sceptre is real.

So Stephanie and Skulduggery set off to find the Sceptre, fend off the minions of the bad guys, beat down vampires and the undead, prove the existence of the Ancients and the Faceless Ones, all while trading snappy, snippy banter worthy of the best screwball comedies.

Why it should be movie?
Well it's mostly a kids books, but i believe as a movie everyone will have fun with it. It's funny, clever with lot of action and magic! It has about 7 books so far and with the special effects we have now it will be awesome! There is no much to say about it. It's a fantasy-action-mystery book and it's different. It doesn't have similarities with something else i can read, so it can easily became after years something like "hmmm..who the new Skulduggery Pleasant will be?":P

Skulduggery Pleasant:      Johnny Depp
Stephanie:                       Chloe Moretz
Ghastly Bespoke:            Bruce Willis
Tanith Low:                    Cameron Diaz


  1. I've read the first Skuldugery Pleasant, been meaning to get around to the rest, and I can totally imagine it as a movie. I love Johnny Depp and I can so imagine him pulling off that role.

  2. yiota omg what a great idea. i loved the post! i didn't know about Skuldugery Pleasant until now and i don't only think that it would make a great movie, but also i'm defenitly reading the books !!!

    thnx a lot =)

  3. I haven't read it! But if you think Johnny Depp should play one of the protagonists, I will definitely be reading it ;)

  4. I loved you write up here! You make the books sound like so much fun. I haven't read them yet, but I'm moving them up in priority. Thanks!

  5. OMG i totally love skulduggery pleasant to bits i've read all the books and recommended them to all my friends!!!
    i hope there will be a movie im totally phyched now thanks for posting it :D


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