Sunday, January 9, 2011

the late night news & basic shareholder : reviews

The late night news

The first of three novels featuring Inspector Haritos, he is a homicide inspector in central Athens. He is married, has one daughter and relaxes by reading dictionaries. Aggressive and pessimistic, he is not an altogether likeable person; the manner in which he treats people is certainly not to be commended. One evening he is called to the scene of a murder: the celebrated TV journalist Janna has been killed in a broadcasting studio just as she was about to go on air with a sensational story. The killer knew obviously of her investigations. The cynical Haritos had not been one of Janna's fans. Young, successful and tough, she had frequently got on his nerves. Once he starts his investigations, though, he finds himself sucked ever deeper into the grubby world of the Greek media. When Janna's successor also is murdered, Haritos recognizes that he has to step up his investigation. He is almost suspended from the case because his own theories make a number of important people uncomfortable. The killer he unmasks in the end comes as a complete surprise.

Review: I just finished reading this book and i'm so exited ! It's one of his best books ever. I'm going to start backwards but the ending is so unexpected and tense that I still can't believe it. One more time Petros Markaris surprises us with his plot. It's a book easy to read, but the thing I like the most is how clever is the story, as I said in a previous review of one of his books, you don't know the killer from the beginning, you learn new leads with inspector Haritos. I totally recommend this book, it's a must read !

Basic Shareholder

Suddenly Kostas Haritos receives some terrible news. “El Greco” a ferry on her way to Crete has been attacked by an unknown terrorist commando. Neither their intentions nor their demands are known. The prevailing opinion is that this is a similar situation to the hijacking of the Italian cruise Achille Lauro in 1985. Katerina, Haritos's daughter, and his boyfriend Fanis are on board. They were going on holiday. Katerina has just finished her doctorate and she was making plans for her future. Kostas Haritos, unable to think in anything else but his daughter, has to return to Athens to investigate the murder of an advertising model. He was shot at close range, his corpse discovered in Faliros Olympic Centre now converted into a rubbish dump. The only clue available is that the shot was made by an old revolver used during WWII. The investigation is going no where but then another model is found dead, shot by the same weapon.

Review: Well as always it was a book I really enjoyed. But this time I was a little bit tired by the abduction story going on. It was expected Katerina, Haritos daughter to play an important role, when the terrorist attacked the ship “El Greco”, that's why I didn't really like that story, but it was something different, in the other books Haritos family life is very calm so that was a change. I also liked the mystery about the dead models, although I found the ending a little weird.. it's an other great book, you should try it !

Petros Markaris writes detective novels, I reviewed The late night news, Basic Shareholder and Che Committed Suicide.


  1. I am addicted to detective novels! Thanks a lot for the reviews! I will adding them to my TBR.

  2. Misha: i know you like detective novels, so i'm sure you're gonna like petros markaris books!

    i really can't wait for a comment after you read one of his books. If you decide it, you should start with "Che Committed Suicide", and then read the others ! it's his best book for me..


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