Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Guys! Wish you everyone the best! And some little wishes for you (or ourselves! :p ). The post was meant to be much bigger, but i really need to leave now! Haha... Hope you continue have fun with us and make your days better :

I haven't really thought about it..heh...i wish you to get everything you want this year, from,whatever and most importantly have fun! As for me, i wish me to pass the semesters and well...the rest year i just wanted to be good and fun from me,my friends and my family.

I wish I can read 100 books this year and see as many movies as possible....
I wish you all get puppies!
I wish 2011 brings us all happiness and health. I hope i get thought this semester and finally gain a 4-pack!

So guys!, CU soon with many new posts and some little changes to the features to our blog! Have fun! Get drunk! Cheers!


  1. Those are some great wishes! :D
    Nina , I hope I am able to read 100 books too.It's scary when I see that some bloggers can read 300 books in a year!!
    I wish all of you a fantastic year ahead! Continue to be as awesome as you all are! :)

  2. Happy New Year! I'll take a puppy please :)

  3. Misha: I really want to read 100 books, and because of the challenge....


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