Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Listen: The Bled "Found In The Flood"

History: The Bled formed in 2001 under the name "The Radiation Defiance Theory" but changed the name because it was too lengthy. Their music style was largelly influenced by hardcore punk bands such as "Refused", metalcore bands such as "Cave In" and the mathcore band called "The Dillinger Escape Plan". After being a band for only two months, the band released an EP titted "His First Crush", and released a self-titled EP a year later, both of which featured Adam Goss on vocals. The Bled quickly began to build a name for themselves in Tuscon, Arizona, and started to play sold out shows.
Found In The Flood:
The Bled was not content with "Fiddler Records", and decided to change labels. The band was a big fan of "Vagrand Records", and in 2005 they signed to the indie record, ensuring that a major label was not for them. Before working on their new album, the band parted ways with bass player Mike Celi and hired Darren Simoes as a permanent replacement. For their second studio album, "Found In The Flood", The Bled worked with producer Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182). The album expanded both the heavier and lighter sides of the band. This album is also their album to chart on the Billboard 200, which peaked at #87.
The success of the album landed The Bled a spot on Warped Tour in the summer of 2006 on the
Vagrant Stage featuring many rising names signed to Vagrand Records, and the international Taste of Chaos in early 2007 alongside bands like "Rise Agains", "The Used" and "Aiden" During this time "Pass The Flask" went out of print. The Bled was unable to sell it on tour because it was released on their previous label (that has since gone out of business). Many fans believed that Found In The Flood was the band's first and only album. To fix this, a reissue of Pass The Flask was created. The new version was released on Vagrant, and in addition to the original trak listing the new album featured songs from The Bled's original EP and three unreleased songs.

Yes, i am in a really really dark mood today. This is a really dark and kinda violent album, full of strange melodies and tunes. Honestly almost every song reminds me of water in its worse, drowns, floods and generally situations with people dead or trapped in water. Yet i actually love this album, and i always listen to it when i am really REALLY pissed of. The thoughts i make when i hear this album as well as my mood before and after hearing this, is not the best for casual talk.
1. "Hotel Coral Essex" .This one reminds me of a bunch of people killing others on a beach, moonless night and all.
2. "Guttershark". This one is practically not one of my favorites, its mostly pure headbanging
3."My Assasin". This one is one of my favorites, it has a sick solo-reef or whatever at some point. This one only reminds me of a dark alley at night, not necessarily and violence involved.
4. "Antartica" I absolutelly adore this song. It is the soundtrack to finding a drowned body, or a storm brewing and you are caught in the middle of the ocean with waves getting hugger and hugger
5."She Calls Home" dont really like it
6. "The Last American Cowboy" really nice one too, not the watery ones, put preddy damn amazing, kinda psychoish.
7."Daylight Bombings" Like this one
8. "Millionairs" not a fan of this one either
9."With An Urgency" I love this one, you all know of the killer jester? or the demon jester or whatever? this is his soundtrack 10." I dont keep with liars anymore" not a really nice song but not bad either


  1. I love dark songs and this album sounds perfect for me. Thanks for bringing it to our attention1

  2. OHHH only for this "This one reminds me of a bunch of people killing others on a beach, moonless night and all." i'm checking it out! i'm so sad right now i don't have sound in this pc but when i will...


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