Monday, January 10, 2011

balkan blues : review

About: Nine stories about Athens. The European Football Championship is won, the Olympics is coming up. With newly awakened patriotism, the Greeks celebrate their festivals, meanwhile, the immigrants from Albania, Bulgaria and Russia beat through life as best it goes.

Review: This book has nine individual stories. Petros Markaris tries to captivate a picture of Greece's society in which there are very blur lines between good and evil, right and wrong. After you read all the stories, you get the feeling “ Every man for himself”. I'm from Greece and I live in Athens of 2011 and I assure you that things are not that dramatic as he describes them in the book, he overdone's it to emphasize the relationships between the Greeks and the immigrants. I don't like the fact that after you read the book you think that Greeks are not only very racists, but they are also imposers. I finished reading this book in a day ( a few hours actually ), it's very small. Petros Markaris has wrote many other great books, so i'm not going to recommend this one, not because it's not a good book, but because he exaggerates and it might pass the wrong messages.

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