Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Movie) Review

To Greg Heffley, middle school is the dumbest idea ever invented. It's a place rigged with hundreds of social landmines, not the least of which are morons, wedgies, swirlies, bullies, lunchtime banishment to the cafeteria floor - and a festering piece of cheese with nuclear cooties. To survive the never-ending ordeal and attain the recognition and status he feels he so richly deserves, Greg devises an endless series of can't-miss schemes, all of which, of course, go awry. And he's getting it all down on paper, via a diary - "it's NOT a diary, it's a journal!" Greg insists, preferring the less-sissyfied designation - filled with his opinions, thoughts, tales of family trials and tribulations, and (would-be) schoolyard triumphs. "One day when I'm famous," writes Greg, "I'll have better things to do than answer peoples' stupid questions all day." So was born the Wimpy Kid's diary.

Combine Ramona & Beezus and Petit Nicolas and you get Diary of Wimpy Kid.
 Difference between them, it's that our main character is in the middle school.
What i have to say about the movie? Loved it! It was funny and it's how little kids really think. The actors did an amazing job, kids and adults.
You see how strong a friendship can be no matter the difficulties through time or what a big trouble old brothers can be. How parents can't see what their kids see. There is no something special like it in Ramona & Beezus where Ramona was trying to save her family, but it's still so good. I'm totally sure you will enjoy it!

(<--------that's here in Kick Ass)And bigger surprise for me was Chloe Moretz (also know as the killer Hit Girl at Kick Ass or the vampire girl at Let Me In). She was so small and different in Kick Ass and here was wow! She showed to the world what a great actress is and how many different roles can play. All the time i was looking at her and i was "no way is Hit Girl!". I'm kinda dissapointed she is not in the next Wimpy Kid movie. (that's here in Wimpy Kid----------->)

(and that's her in Let Me In vvv)

Oh, didn't i tell you? There is a Wimpy Kid 2! And it would be so much more fun! Parents leave and the big bro is responsible? Awesome!


  1. From the trailers i have seen for this film it looks like its going to be a very funny movie for the kids.

  2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid was hilarious! I am loong forward to the second part.

  3. omg i loved this movie!!!! after yiota told me about it i couldn't wait to watch it. the kid is so funny and his brother is so mean !!! XD

    can't w8 for the second one !!


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