Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Listen: Lonely Island "Incredibad"

Incredibad is the debut studio album of the American comedy troupe The Lonely Island, which is composed of actors and childhood best friends Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone. The album was released February 10, 2009, on Universal Republic Records.[1] Many of the songs on the album debuted on Saturday Night Live as SNL Digital Shorts. The CD version of the album also includes a DVD featuring some of the digital shorts.

Collaborators on the album include T-Pain, Norah Jones, Jack Black, E-40, Julian Casablancas, Sly & Robbie, DJ Nu-Mark, J-Zone, Natalie Portman, Chris Parnell, and Justin Timberlake.[1]

Review: What can I say? That this album is freeking awesome? Well YES that is exactly what I will say. What? You say we are whack? WHO SAID WE'RE WACK? You said we're wack? You take it back! The album is full of laughs, from track 1 to the end, or something. Lonely Island kick ass! Finito!

1: Who Said We're Wack: Epic!

2: Santana DVX: I just have to quote from the song "Santana DVX makes you wanna have sex"
3: Jizz In My Pants: What can I say, this is probably my favorite
4: Im On A Boat: IM ON A BOAT!
5. Sax Man: Jack black kicks ass in this song
6: Lazy Sunday: Another Epic Song
7: Normal Guy: Not an awesome song, its a decent break though
8: Boombox: Everything got out of control!
9: Shrooms: Not a good song
10: Like A Boss: You cant listen to this song plainly, you have to listen to it like a boss
11: We like sports: Its not a really good song, but it will make you chuckle
12: Dreamgirl: This song makes me laugh for some reason
13: Ras Trent: not a very good song, but ok
14: Dick In A Box: justin timberlake kicks ass here :P
15: The Old Saloon: i think that intermissions are not very good but.
16: Punch You In The Jeans: hillarious
17: Space Olympics: I like this song, a lot
18: Natalies Rap: not a very good song
19: Incedibad: ok song

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  1. Is that Lonely Island?:o
    Well i will admit sometimes they are a bit offensive, but some other they are so fun.

    Jizz in my pants is such a stupid song, but the music behind is so awesome and cool!

    And my fav is, I Just Had Sex with Acon which is not in this cd though XD

  2. I had never heard of this. Thanks for introducing me to the album!

  3. @Yiota they are ALWAYS offensive, and their music is plain kickass though they have funny lyrics


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