Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Listen: Queens Of The Stone Age: "Lullabies To Paralyze"

Lullabies to Paralyze is the fourth studio album by hard rock band Queens of the Stone Age and was released on March 21, 2005.[1] Debuting at number 5 on the Billboard chart,[2] the album sold 97,000 copies in America during its first week of release,[2] eventually topping over 342,000 copies as of March, 2007 according to Nielsen Soundscan.[3] The album has been certified gold in the UK, where it has sold over 100,000 units. It is also the band's first album to be released after Nick Oliveri was fired from the band. Josh Homme is the only member from the previous album, Songs For The Deaf, to play on this album, not counting Mark Lanegan.

Brace yourself people because this album takes you down a trip to a fairytale. But its not the normal kind of fairytale. This album (especially if you have bought it and have the artwork) is a journey down a more, paranoid and dark fairytale. The album is a memento to demention, paranoia, sexism and generally things we all feel but never talk about out loud. This is a memento to a fairytale, where the wolf knifes his pack and then cries above their corpses, where the little red riding hood poisons her grandma and runs away with the wolf, where the good witch that helps the princess is found by the mob and burned to ashes. This is to you my fellow people. Listen to the album and come in touch with your little paranoid voice in your head.
What I Like: Almost everything, the album has many strange melodies and rhythms, very deep lyrics, that can mean different things to people (Me and my brother have a different approach on what a song means) and without a doubt this is one of my favorite albums though I am not a fan of Queens Of The Stone Age, meaning that aside from this song and a few others I havent listened to them much
What I Dont Like: The fact that this album has a taste that is not for all times. I only listen to it when im feeling really good with myself, excited and especially when I am feeling dark and/or dirty. You know what I mean, the kind of dirty when you are getting dressed to go out and you have the mentality "I am so god damn hot and I know it". Dont laugh, you all know what I mean and we all have those moments. Yes even you, yes you over there, yes. YOU!

1. This Lullaby. Its the intro, not much to say about this
2. Medication. This is just plain awesomeness
3. Everybody Knows That You Are Insane: Open up the arwork ladies and gentlemen the fairytale begins.
4. Tangled Up In Plaid: Here I will just quote my favorite lyric: "Come lets play along, let each other lose, a win would cause an alarm dont matter to me, dont matter to you. "
5. Burn The WItch: This is the song in which me and my brother dissagrees, I believe it just describes the sadistic nature of the mob, my brother thinks it talks about lies. Maybe the truth is in between
6. In My Head: This is one of the normal songs in the album, it has a certain something that sticks with you. "Its the cruelest joke to plaayyyy..."
7. Little Sister: This is the first song of Queens I listened to and it is a dear song to me. I just love it
8. I Never Came: A very good song. I love the way it begins slowly and builds up in the end.
9. Someone's In The Wolf: This is one of the creepies stongs you will ever listen to. EVER! (Yes I do love it, how did you know?)
10.The Blood Is Love:This song reminds me of one of those creepy creepy carnivals, you know with the creepy-demon clowns and the strange people in the freak show. You know, like those creepy carnivals that happen only at night and stuff?
11.Skin On Skin: This is probably the most sexist song I have ever listened to. Just by listening to it i feel like i just violated someone. I know I might be overreacting, but you get the picture
12.Broken Box: Oh, me love this song! It is just badass!
13."You Got A Killer Scene There Man...": Quote "I just curse the sun so I can howl at the moon..."
14.Long Slow Goodbye (Hidden Track:Like A Drug): And here is the end of our fairytale folks. I hope you enjoyed the ride, I know I did!. A great finish to a great album. (Hidden Track: I dont really like it, i never listen to it)

Thank you people for joining me in our little horror train full of "Lullabies To Paralyze" I hope you enjoyed the ride, had some fun as well as some sadistic, dirty thoughts while listening to it. If you were not in the mood for creepy stuff then I hope you enjoyed the album as much as I do. And remember to keep that little paranoid you in a good shape. Talk to him often, you never know, he might be a nice guy ;)


  1. Medication:didn't like it that much
    Everybody Knows That You Are Insane:like it after the first min
    Burn The WItch::love the intro, best so far
    In My Head:like it a lot too, it's normal i agree XD
    Little Sister:like this one too

    i haven't heard their songs and at the beginning i didn't like them, but they have some good songs, although i disagree they are not that dark. i expected to be thrilled after your review but i'm not. Finally i don't really like the lead singer.

    i'm listening "burn the witch" now XD

  2. Athanasia you should read the lyrics. Well that depends on your view of dark, no they are not dark like, goth or something, but their melodies refer to a more dark nature if you know what I mean. Its not the music you hear when you are all sunsine and flowers

  3. Ok, Johnny, seriously this a really nice review....I liked your writing in this one soooo much....

  4. Great review, Johnny! I am tempted to try the album myself. It sounds like something I would like.

  5. @Misha-nina.a thanks guys :D this really means a lot :D


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