Monday, February 14, 2011

Dracula : Review

About : A naive young Englishman travels to Transylvania to do business with a client, Count Dracula. After showing his true and terrifying colors, Dracula boards a ship for England in search of new, fresh blood. Unexplained disasters begin to occur in the streets of London before the mystery and the evil doer are finally put to rest. Told in a series of news reports from eyewitness observers to writers of personal diaries, this has a ring of believability that counterbalances nicely with Dracula's too-macabre-to-be-true exploits. An array of voices from talented actors makes for interesting variety. The generous use of sound effects, from train whistles to creaking doors, adds further atmosphere. Lovers of mysteries and horror will find rousing entertainment in this version of a classic tale.

Review: Dracula is a classic horror book written in 1897, so the writing style is a little different. You can not read it very fast and sometimes there are idioms which are hard to understand, also occasionally the spelling of the words is changed. You will also notice words that we don't use now that mush, such as “poor”, “fellow”, “i shall..”.

Bad things: I did not like the writing style, but that is only because it is a very old book. Also the book was separated in chapters which did not make sense. A chapter with the title “Mina Harker's Journal” had also entries from “Jonathan Harker's Journal”. Generally I don't like reading stories described in journals so I didn't like that part either. Some times I felt like there were many details, about how the characters felt and what they have done, as a result it was boring.

Good things: The story is fascinating, it is thrilling, hair- raising. I loved the dark scenes in the first chapters, in Count's castle. All the agony Jonathan had, all the things he saw but did not understand..But on the other hand I wanted to read more about what was going on in the castle. Also I loved the scene with the wolfs in the beginning. My favorite character was Dr. John Seward. His discriptions were great. The most characters of the book are men, exept Mina and Lucy but it was facinating that when you read the entries of women it felt like a woman was writting, the same with men.

To sum up Dracula is a must read, it is a classic and if you also like vampire fiction, horror books you should try it. Finally don't forget to check Misha's review too in my love afair with books
here !


  1. Fantastic review! Dracula is a wonderful book. The modern vampire stories pale in comparison.

  2. Im glad you liked it, I have personally not read it, at least not in a book (mostly in a summary book or something, as well as the seen the movie, and read the original myth). I was kinda anxious what you would think of it

    @Misha back then vampires were not gay, they were VAMPIRES! creatures you would actually wet your bed or shit your pants when you were face to face with one, not hold your belly out of laughter due to sparkling sunshine :P i SO AGREE WITH YOU!

  3. Oh!!! I really wanna read it!
    I know you got a bit afraid at some parts so i really wanna try it XD

  4. As I come from Dublin, dialect could be slightly different. I still use 'poor' and 'fellow' and 'I shall' in regular speaking. Although, it has been pointed out to me recently that I can be rather formal.

    I am happy you liked the book over all and that you pointed out the reason you didn't like the writing style is because it is an old book. That is part and parcel of the classics, it doesn't suit everyone. I know some people who have not been able to make it through the entire book.

    You gave a well rounded and very enjoyable review. Thank you.


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