Monday, February 21, 2011

The Valkyries : Review

About: A Magical Tale About Forgiving Our Past and Believing in Our Future. The enchanting, true story of The Valkyries begins in Rio de Janeiro when author Paulo Coelho gives his mysterious master J., the only manuscript for his book The Alchemist. Haunted by a devastating curse, Coelho confesses to J., "I've seen my dreams fall apart just when I seemed about to achieve them." In response, J. gives Coelho a daunting task: He must find and speak with his guardian angel. "The curse can be broken," he replies, "if you complete the task."

Rising to the challenge, Paulo and his wife, Cristina, drop everything, pack their bags, and take off on a forty day adventure into the starkly beautiful and sometimes dangerous Mojave Desert 執here they encounter more than they bargained for. A masterful blend of the exotic locales, dramatic adventure, and magical storytelling, for which Coelho's fictional works are renowned, this true–life account is at once a modern–day adventure and a metaphysical odyssey.

Review: The Valkyries is a book I really wanted to read when I heard it published at Greek, but after I read it I realized that it had been published some years ago in English and I was really disappointed because I thought that it was the new book of Paulo Coelho.. Anyway about the book now.. I really liked it, I always like Coelho's books, i've read all of them (the ones at Greek at least). I have to admit that the last ones were a little bit too much for me, but it's Coelho I can not stop reading his books! Valkyries is a book about a trip he does with his wife and his quest to see his angel, if you have read his other books you easily understand this book, but if it is your first you will find many things odd because there is no explanation. To sum up I really enjoyed the book, it was a fast read, I totally recommend it.


  1. lmao Yiota!. This sounds like a really heavy book for my tastes....also I back up Yiota on this, did he find the angel? what was he like? Did he have a flaming blue sword?

  2. @yiots,johnny: yes he did find his angel, first he was just talking to him, but then he wanted to see him. Everyone ask's if he had wings only you john could have asked about a flaming blue sword. The answer is that everyone has an angel and every angel looks diferent, maybe yours has a flaming blue sword. The angels take the form that is more familiar to us, so i guess mine has big white wings, i can't think anything more XD

  3. Come on guys, did you really had to ask the end in here??

  4. @nina: it was obvious he will find him :P

  5. I have read a few books of Paulo Coelho. I like his writing. So I will be definitely trying out this one.


  7. @nina: it's ok the book has a lot to offer and if you read Coelho you now the end but you enjoy the journey (psssss)

    @johnny: yeah you do!!! read Coelho i think you will like him but ask me first which book to buy. On the other hand i'm kinda afraid about how you will be after...

  8. Athanasia: You wrote!!(OK, translate it in Greek so you can understand what I want to say....For the rest, it's a Greek expresion)

    Can I have an angel with dark blue wings and stars on it who can travel in time????

  9. @nina: XD i guess you already have an angel but i can not say how he looks like, probably he has dark blue wings and stars on it but about traveling time no, angels protect us they don't do stuff like that !!

    @Johnny: i didn't get it, what you didn't understand ? :P


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