Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase 2-3-4 Review

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime–the chance to prove that a tomb containing the remains of the legendary hero Hercules actually exists. If American archaeologist Nina Wilde can locate it, it will be the most important historical find ever unearthed. But as Nina and her ex-SAS bodyguard, Eddie Chase, begin their search, it’s clear that others want to find the tomb–and the unimaginable riches within–and will do anything to get there first.
Who will find the tomb of Hercules first, and what fantastic treasure does it hold? From New York to Shanghai, from Switzerland to the diamond mines of Botswana, Nina and Eddie must stay one step ahead of their enemies in a race to solve a mystery as ancient as civilization itself. But when a beautiful woman from Eddie’s past joins the hunt, all the rules change–and in this life-and-death game, their next move may be the most dangerous one of all.
REVIEW: Nina and Eddie go on with their adventures after Atlantis. For another time McDermott write amazing cinematic scenes. They guy should go and direct movies for Hollywood! They will be a hit! The book is more closer to a movie, then book. The descriptions don't give you a way out of the exact image the writer wants. But, even if i liked 1st book a lot, this one lost me a little. I said before the 1st one was too much sometimes, this is one is even more. Too much drama especially in the end and it tired. Still couldn't put it down though. I guess it's one of the guilty pleasures we have. Don't expect it to be wow, it's just enjoyable and with no real purpose.

The third brilliant adventure thriller featuring archaeologist Nina Wilde, in which Nina must find Excalibur, King Arthur's beloved sword. Said to make whoever holds it unstoppable in battle, the sword Excalibur has been coveted across the ages, and thought lost for over a thousand years. With a cryptic message to archaeologist Nina Wilde, this may be about to change. Historian Bernd Rust believes he can locate Excalibur...and that the sword is the key to harnessing an incredible source of energy. Nina is sceptical -- until she and Rust are attacked by mercenaries determined to steal his research. Nina and her boyfriend, ex-SAS soldier Eddie Chase, are soon propelled into a deadly race to find Excalibur. From the deserts ofSyria to the arctic wastes ofRussia, Nina and Chase must battle a merciless enemy who plans to use the sword's powers to plunge the world into a new era of war...
REVIEW(spoilers): And we go on. Same style as the previous ones. One bad guy wanna take over the world, Nina and Chase got in the middle, they save the world and they found what they were looking for. While this one was a bit better than Tomb of Hercules (maybe cause Excalibur is more interesting as a story?) and was more in earth it had some others bad parts like: Nina is becoming like the best human in the world (she is Atlantean and now can wield Excalibur too). I liked we get a bit more about the characters though.

  In the brilliant fourth book from Andy McDermott, Nina Wilde must battle the Covenant of Genesis if she is to find the world's greatest archaeological treasure...Off the coast of Indonesia, archaeologist Nina Wilde makes an explosive find: evidence of a settlement that existed over a hundred thousand years before any previously known civilisation. But when her ship is attacked, it becomes clear that the clandestine religious group calling itself the Covenant of Genesis will stop at nothing to prevent her from revealing this knowledge. With her fiance Eddie Chase, Nina embarks upon a dangerous worldwide search to expose the Covenant of Genesis -- and the incredible secret they will kill to conceal. Is she about to discover the greatest legend of all time?
REVIEW(small spoilers): Now that's my least favourite book of the series. It was a bit boring, and i didn't like how the story concluded (something with aliens-like and Garden of Eden). The part in Antartactica though, was exciting. One of his best descriptions ever. I felt like i was in the ruins and i let the scene live in me. The rest was a bit nah...same old story with bad guy rule the world or wants more money. Nina became really annoying and selfish (even more special human too!). And also, many people say the Harry Potter is a death trap with everyone around him dies...well they haven't met Nina. If i would ever met her, the time she introduced herself to me i would have start running away like hell!

Oh..and in case you are wondering, after those not so good reviews...yeah i will buy the next ones. I told ya, i just can't give up on it.

Challenges: 100 Books in 2011, Into The Old World, 350+ Pages, Wish I'd Read That


  1. DON'T BUY the next ones! it's time to let it go.. XD

    i really don't like this books, i haven't read them but i know it!

  2. Hahaha..are u kiddin me? No way i'm stopping!

  3. Books with normal people....I missed that....Can't wait to finish the books with the vampires....I believe I become addicted....


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