Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well...the avatar has nothing to do with the post, but i'm totally in love with those cuties! is the thing. The biggest and most struggling (not really but whatever) thing for a blogger, are what memes to keep on the blog. We have tried, many memes here (mostly ours), we have throw some away or we do some of them when we remember we actually have to do them. Plus, we got some new ideas but we are not really sure what to put up.

So, what better than to ask you what you want to see, eh? :D You will do that for us, eh? :D My lovely people?:D

So here is a sum up of the memes, which you have to decide about their life! The form at the end is Anonymously so..yeah..that was it :P

Weekly Memes:
-What's New Wednesday(hosted by us): We do a sum up of news from each week for books, movies, music or whatever cool we find around. Example.
-Spotlight List (hosted by Small Review): The awesome spotlight list with probably the oddest things around, where we comment on the picks and we let you pick too and get featured.Example. ( Now...i think i didn't post this week's List yet. Opsie....)
-In My Mailbox (hosted by Story Siren): You know what that is...

Memes We Do When We Remember They Exist (all hosted by us):
-Movies VS Books: Kinda obvious what's about. Example.
-We Listen: We feature an album, or songlist we want to share with you. Example.
-Series We Loved: We review series that are now canceled or finished and we really miss. Example.
-Should Be Movie: We discuss why a book or game should be movie. Example.

New ideas:
-Poster/Cover Awards: We pick a movie and a book each week. And from all the edition of their covers, we pick by voting our fav one and share it with you. (Johnny, said it's a boring idea).
-Weird Interviews with Bloggers: We will create a new weird-not-so-ordinary questionnaire and feature the blogger, who date to answer it. We probably already know the basics things about you so...
-Artist Of The Week: That's one of our old memes. Even before, we had 100 followers. We pick a piece of art and we post it here for you to admire.Example.
-Interviews with Cover Designers(or other graphic artists): We will hunt down graphic designers from various book covers and interrogate them on their work.
-Cliche Scenes: It took me some time to understand what Johnny meant by that. Each week, Johnny will re-create a cliche or known scene, with how it should actually be.
-Stories: Now, that's sounds...too ordinary. Anyway, me and Johnny will post each week a two-paragraph scene from one of our stories (we have a LOT). Sometimes, we might ask you to pick a theme you would like to see too ^^

Off to schedule, some new reviews ;) Thanks for filling the form!!
For those who didn't...beware!! Seriously why not? It's just multiple choice!! 4 Questions! Dahh!!


  1. I like the Up picture too!!
    @bookittyblog on twitter

  2. @bookittyblog: yay for Up fans!

  3. thanks Misha!!
    And everyone else who filled it of course!

  4. I filled out the form, and I, too, love Up!!

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I adore that cartoon movie too :D

    filled the form :)


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