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Spotlight List: Hero Sidekicks

Spotlight List is a totally awesome meme by Small Review, and its actually one of the things that grows my TBR every week. Every week, we create a theme and then we do a top list on it. Small Review already has Spotlight Posts about Fantasy, Gothic, Historical Fiction, Retold Stories you might want to check out.
Every week, one of us will pick a theme and create the list. Then everyone will comment on this list!

The guys only know the comments from the person who picked the theme and did the choices. They haven't seen the rest.

Before you start with this week spotlight i would like to tell you that's part of a big series of Spotlight i have scheduled. Cause it's really nice to Spotlight stories in general, but there are some times that we just love some certain parts of those stories so much that we enjoy them again and again only cause of those things. So prepare for Spotlights on characters, scenes, battles, worlds, second characters, romance, fun stuff and much much more to come!

Hero Sidekicks (Villain Cartoons)
by Yiota, Johnny

We all know that a no hero/villain can be a success without a decent sidekick. BUT there are some sidekicks that they almost have the level of epicness of their masters or there are better. Funny is that they are actually so many worth mentioning, that we couldn't create just one list. We will have it in 3 parts: Heroes, Villains and Cartoons Sidekicks. They will come we have Heroes!

Robin ( Batman )
Yiota: Okay..Batman is awesome, but Robin is too! Plus he is epically funny! And he might be a bit hotter XD I totally loved him in the Batman movies..he was falling so easily for Uma Thurman
athanasia: i was never a big fun of Batman, so i have no memory at all about Robin, i know who he is but i cann't remember anything..
Johnny: When me and my brother played batman (Yes we did when we were kids!) I was always robin! Since then i always liked him. I dont know, I always have a natural inclination to like the awesome sidekicks that do all the dirty work
Silvestro: nah I didn’t like that guy, he always needed babysitting distracting Batman and giving a chance to the enemies. Recently I heard Robin dies a lot so I think it’s pretty reasonable that batman got bored of saving his ass sometimes…
Nina: I liked Robin more than Batman. I've seen him mostly on the movie and some cartoons and he always looked younger and more naive. So I'm totally with Robin....

Ramona (Scott Pilgrim VS The World)
Yiota: Okay..she might be the one who put Scott into the whole thing but she was pretty awesome. We saw her fight only once and she was terrific! Do you remember the huge hammer? She was mysterious but cool. It was amazing that she changed her hair matching with her clothes XD I would fight for her too! Also, there is another female at the same series, the Asian girl, who also was helping Scott. I didn't like her that much but she was nice!
athanasia: i haven't watched that movie, but now i want to!
Johnny: I would not only fight, but kill for her. There is something about this girl....No wonder Scot went to all those fights for her
Silvestro: Totally loved that girl. I think the movie should be about her and the geeky guy should be the sidekick. If they make another movie I want to see much more Ramona fighting.
Nina: I haven't seen the movie, so I'm trusting the others....

Venom (Spiderman)
Johnny: He wasnt exactly a good guy, but DEFINATELLY not one of the bad guys. He was always neutral, depending on the situation he either kicked Spiderman's ass, while other times he helped Spiderman. Mixed feelings by many people, Venom is my favorite Spiderman character ever.
Yiota: I always thought he was with the bad guys but for some reason Johnny believes the opposite. So i'm gonna believe him. He is really scary though!
athanasia: who is he? seriously know how do you remember all of them?
Silvestro: Well I thought he was a bad guy too… I will wait for Johnny to justify why this pretty evil and scary face belongs with the good guys :D
Nina: I agree he's scary. He's good??

Legolas & Gimli (Lord of the Rings)
Yiota: Don't care if they are two, they count as one whatever you say. Stand alone aren't that awesome but together...oh my...they are deadly and funny. They were times i was saying "i don't want Aragorn gimme some Gilmi and Legolas". I don't believe Aragorn and Gandalf (okay Gandalf not that much) couldn't go on without them! Yep yep! They were the spirit of the team!
athanasia: ok those two i know and i'm crazy about them!! Gilmi was so funny, but i am in love with Legolas, he, Aragorn and Gandalf were my favorite characters.
Johnny: They are probably the only 2 characters in the entire movies that actually have a more casual approach on the whole matter. After all Human wars arent really their priority
Silvestro: Yup awesome team. I think they made me laugh even more than the Merry and Pippin (who are supposed to be the comedy relief of the movie) did and on the fights they were funny and dangerous and concentrated at the same time, that takes some skill ;)
Nina: They were funny, I agree. And they were a nice break from all the fights and the story and the serious atmosphere the movie wants to pass you....

Snails (Dungeons & Dragons)
Yiota: He actually was the one who made them win even if he died. He is one of the most bravest and coward characters ever. I strongly believe everything was happening by accident. He was only in for the gold. He definitely topped the main heroes since he managed to be like REALLY funny and save the world!!!

athanasia: who is he?
Johnny: HE IS AWESOME! He is the INCARNATION of Rogue mentality in D&D. He is funny, witty kinda greedy, and lets be honest he behaves the same way ALL of us would in his possition. His sarcastic comments on dangerous situations as well as his cowardly nature are so in contrast by the fact that he does brave things. As Yiota said, he is the bravest coward ever. I got so dissapointed when he died :S I wanted the main hero to die in his place! He was awesome! Spoil: Who else hits on a badass elven general?
P.S Athanasia seriously you need education
Silvestro: I am a fun of DnD pen and paper game and I didn’t really appreciate this movie for two main reasons: The bad guy was so damned funny that no one could take him seriously and this guy was the Rogue (my favorite dnd class) and he was just too stupid. I think all the heroic things he did were either pure luck or because he was too stupid to understand the danger involved. That said I found him pretty funny too, but a disgrace to all rogues.
Nina: I know the actor as it is, but I haven't seen the movie. I'll trust the others in this one too....

Your choices:
Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)
by susan goldsmith @ Susan Goldsmith Books: Harry just wouldn't be the same without him!

Who are your favourite Hero sidekicks?
Next Spotlight will feature Villain Sidekicks (not from cartoons/anime). FILL THE FORM with your favorite Villain Sidekick and we will feature it too!Movies,books,series,games,anything! ^^


  1. Ron Weasley was amazing!!! how we didn't come up with that! i always liked him =D

  2. guys now that i have seen the movie i disagree with you, Ramona is the one that got him into all of this, she is not a Hero Sidekick, she barely helped him, the asian girl helped him more at the final batle and i liked her she was nice..

    but i wouldn't fight for Ramona, i don't know what do you find in her, she is just ok for me..

  3. Legolas & Gimli are great! I love how they're really funny together, but they're not goofy or inept. They're pretty good fighters!

    Aw, Ron is the best :) I love how you guys have a form for the next list!

  4. @athanasia: pray to not the boys see what you said about Ramona:p

    @Small: I thought it would be cool to put others people picks in!

  5. @Yiota@Athanasia too late. Athanasia I forgive you only because you are a girl and cant see what we see in ramona.

  6. well I have to admit that if I was in Scotts place I wouldn't fight for Ramonna, I would fight just because they chalenged me, but Ramona is definitely worth the trouble and shame on you athanasia for not seeing it :P

  7. we forgot Quorra (Olivia Wilde) from Tron! she is the best-hotest-female Hero Sidekick ever!

  8. @athanasia-d:Nop the best-hotest-female Hero Sidekick ever is number 6 from "i'm number four" ;)

  9. agree with Silvestro on this one

  10. @silvestro,yiota: i haven't seen the movie yet but i saw her in the trailer and she is hot but Olivia Wild is hoter..

  11. @athanasia: not as a sidekick. as a woman maybe but as a sidekick no XD
    Though i still say the number 6 is not a sidekick!

  12. @all I am with Athanasia at this one, Quorra was hot as hell!


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