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Spotlight List: Villain Cartoon Sidekicks

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Every week, one of us will pick a theme and create the list. Then everyone will comment on this list!

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Before you start with this week spotlight i would like to tell you that's part of a big series of Spotlight i have scheduled. Cause it's really nice to Spotlight stories in general, but there are some times that we just love some certain parts of those stories so much that we enjoy them again and again only cause of those things. So prepare for Spotlights on characters, scenes, battles, worlds, second characters, romance, fun stuff and much much more to come!

Villain Cartoon Sidekicks
by Yiota, Johnny

We all know that a no hero/villain can be a success without a decent sidekick. BUT there are some sidekicks that they almost have the level of epicness of their masters or there are better. Funny is that they are actually so many worth mentioning, that we couldn't create just one list. We will have it in 3 parts: Heroes, Villains and Cartoons Sidekicks. They will come we have Cartoon!

Minions (Despicable Me)
Yiota: I don't believe words can describe them. Those little yellow awesome villain thingies! They are mean..they are funny..they are cute..sometimes they are clever. And admit it, you want one, you have spent hours on youtube videos with and you have re-watched the movie just for them too. Come on now...we all did it...
Johnny: There is nothing more to say, I want them!
athanasia: i have watched the movie trailer a hundrent times, i was actually a little disappointed by the movie because i wanted to see more of them!! the BEST villain thingies of all times !!
Silvestro:  Yes pretty much Yiota covered it. Just amazing design and characters, those minions totally rock. And I would want a whole battalion of them not just one.
Nina: I haven't seen the movie, but they remind of the green little aliens with the three eyes on Toy Story. They are cute and many. Probably the only reason to see the movie....

Aliens (Space Jam)
Yiota: I can't believe Johnny remembered them! Hahaha! I so totally love them! They almost succeed in their mission and they look like they are on drugs. I felt really bad for them at the end and i prefer them small than huge.
Johnny: They are the most epic villain sidekicks ever! They are so NOT intimidating, and they really really fail to be evil in the end
athanasia: i really don't remember them..
Silvestro: Didn’t really like those guys… If I remember correctly, because I lastly saw this movie a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, those guys where bullies trapped in weak bodies and used steroids, or something like that, to get huge and grow muscles. Well fail plan and not funny fail, just plain fail.
Nina: They are so small and unharm that you don't expect to transform into those huge and bad aliens. I'm with Yiota in this. They are more preferable small than big....

Bartok (Anastasia)
Yiota: do you guys remember him? the white least he looks like a bat. Rasputin was so mean! He didn't deserve him! I always wished him to get with Anastasia at the end XD
Johnny: that is true, he is probably the nicest character in the whole cartoon! I dont even know why he is the "evil" sidekick
athanasia: i really don't remember him either, but i like how he looks!
Silvestro: Can’t remember that little fella but I have to admit that when I saw the picture I though he was the Brain from Pinky and The Brain dressed like a bat…
Nina: I've seen Anastasia many times, but I don't remember him a lot. Rasputin was shadowing him. But Bartok's look is telling you his good and not bad....

Pain & Panic (Hercules)
Yiota: Those are little demons right? hahaa..they were the best epic fail sidekicks ever! They couldn't do a thing right XD I strongly believe that Ares kept them just cause they were pretty damn awesome! (Btw, while i was searching google i found that exist a Zena & Hercyles animation? what the hell? did anyone know about this?)
Johnny: I want the Zena and Hercyles animation. Anyway, they are so fail that they were epic!
athanasia: ok they were plain awesome! they didn't do anything right, i liked their figures too so much ! 
Silvestro: Totally loved those guys. They were like team Rocket from pokemon but they were more evil and much more funny.
Nina: Come on, they were not bad at all. They did nothing right, but they are the ones that keep the comedy part on the movie....

Parrot (Aladdin )
Johnny: He is evil, yet he is useless. However despite his general failure, he manages to do ONE thing "bad" in the whole thing and he manages to actually make the most important thing in the plot.
Yiota: Unfortunately, i will have to let Johnny do this one. I have to admit that i haven't watch Aladdin. I kinda hate him XD But oh go one with your comments though :P
athanasia: yiota YOU haven't watched Aladdin? that is a sock, but anyway i remember the parrot XD parrots are so funny and this one was the best!

Silvestro: This parrot would be a nice pet to any villain, he is greedy, smart and very funny. He also had some moments of righteousness but they aren’t many so no problem there :D
Nina: This character is confusing. At the beginning it's bad and then it turns good and then it tries to be mean again. Right? In a little words, it is always in the winning side, like people....

Who are your favourite Cartoon sidekicks?
Next Spotlight will feature Hero Sidekicks (not from cartoons/anime). FILL THE FORM with your favourite Hero Sidekick and we will feature it too!Movies,books,series,games,anything! ^^


  1. the parrots name in aladdin is iago, you know like the bad guy in othello.

    great list! :D

  2. ohhh..thank you Stephanie! :D


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