Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Rock review

Today i will reviw 30 rock one of my favorite shows. When i started wathing the first season i really didn't like it, i though it was weird, but as you continue wathing it you start to like certain characters and that makes you like the hole show. Tina Fay did a great job with this show, her characters are exelently structured , i mostly prefere Jack Donaghy "Head of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming" (!!!!) and Liz Lemon, they way they act and joke with each other is hilarious . I love it when Jack insults Liz ! NBC page Kenneth Parcell is awsome, they couldn't have picked a beter actor! I loved it when he was flerting with Jacks “enemy” Devon Banks, he was great at his role too. This show has a big variety of very diferend characters, that makes it easy for everyone to find a favorite one. Personally i don't really like Jenna and Tracy Jordan and i have to say that Frank Rossitano is discusting !! lol, it's a very funny show you shoul give it a try, maybe you wont really like the first season but then you will love it !

Season one starts with the transfer of Jack Donaghy, the "Head of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming" at General Electric (GE), at the NBC, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, in the begining i didn't like him because he wanted to change the the late night sketch comedy series The Girlie Show. That's why the crew didn't like him too. Enyway he finally hired an other leading actor Tracy Jordan and he changed th name of the show in TGS with Tracy Jordan (or just TGS). As the season progresses, the episodes become more about the characters and how they deal with juggling their lives and their jobs. In this season we meet Liz's boyfriend Dennis Duffy, "The Beeper King." And also her next boyfriend Floyd ! Many funny things happen in this season, but mostly we get to know the characters and their relationships.

Season two is much better than the first one, much funnier, much interesting. To begin with after Liz Lemon broke up with Floyd in the summer, she is looking for ways to rebound. Jenna becomes overweight due to performing in the Broadway show Mystic Pizza: The Musical , and she makes a hit the “me want food” ! Tracy has some marital problems with his wife Angie Jordan and they become separated, but later reunite. My favorite one Jack develops a relationship with a Democratic congresswoman named Celeste Cunningham, "C.C." but because he is a republican they must keep it a secret ! Also Jack running for the GE chairmanship against his enemy Devon Banks. This season ends with Liz planning to adopt a child after believing she was pregnant with Dennis' baby. Moreover Tracy invents a pornographic video game and Jack is working at a new government job in Washington, D.C but he makes everything he can to be fired, he actually plans to get fired by proposing a “gay bomb” , the scene when the “gay bomb” explodes in the conference room is something you don't want to miss !!

Season tree is the season with the most famous guests, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston playing Liz's ex roommate, Salma Hayek as Jack's new girlfriend, Elisa. In this season Jack returns from Washington D.C. and starts his job again at NBC, only to discover he has been demoted. Jack tries to get his old job and office back from Devon Banks. Liz tries to adopt a baby, when an adoption agency evaluator comes to 30 Rock many funny things happen. Liz's former roommate from Chicago, Claire Harper (Jennifer Aniston), comes to visit her and Jenna. I love Jennifer's performance in the show, she actually develops a stalker-like obsession with Jack which is hilarious. An other thing I love in this season is when Tracy thinks that his children are trying to kill him !! Jacks mother also appears in the show, I love the way she suffocates him. She is the reason he meets his new girlfriend Eliza, her nurse. Also Liz tries to adopt the baby of a pregnant teen she meets in a donuts shop. Jack goes shopping with Liz for an engagement ring for Elisa and grows worried about his and Elisa's potential marriage, but Tracy counsels him on married life. Jack begins to search for his biological father with help from Liz and he finds him. I really liked season three, in this season you have already find your favorite characters, so it is very fun to watch !

Season four, now we have the struggle of Jack to choose between two women, Julianne Moore is my favorite ! On other thing I like is that Kenneth leads an NBC page protest over a bonus cheque that Jack receives. The funny thing is that he ends the protest when Jack just says “I’m sorry” !! In this season Jack request that Liz cast a new actor for TGS, when he comes Jack changes his name from Jack to “Danny” ! Moreover Liz starts her Dealbreakers talk show and she makes a hit quote. Jenna starts up a fake relationship with actor James Franco in order to counteract rumors that he is in love with a Japanese body pillow ! Only to find out that he is lol ! Liz finds a mysterious number in her phone under the name "Future Husband" and learns that she met this individual in her dentist's recovery office and decides to search for him. After they meet Liz attempts to avoid Wesley Snipes after they fail to hit it off, but the two continue running into each other. Furthermore about Jack, Don Geiss dies and he is devastated, also in his love life many things happen when Avery decides not to be Jack's date at Cerie's wedding, and he gets an unexpected visit from Nancy. In the end Liz's participation in three weddings in the same day results in her ending her engagement with Wesley after meeting an airline pilot named Carol (Matt Damon) with whom she has a connection. Jack discovers that Avery is pregnant with his child and decides to be with her. Kenneth goes to great lengths to avoid being transferred to Los Angeles, but his efforts end with him getting fired.

Season five has started already, but I will write a review when the season ends, also on November 15, 2010, NBC announced 30 Rock had been renewed for a sixth season, which is set to air in the 2011–2012 TV season. I'm so exited that there are two more seasons cuz I’m addicted to 30 Rock, I recommend it to you because it's a funny series that makes you laugh and also it's a very good work, the actors are excellent. Hope you like it, I know I do !


  1. I love this show! been netflixing it, and I'm halfway through season 2. Even my husband, the sitcom-hater, loves 30 Rock.

    Devon Banks is a riot (i forget the name of the actor who plays him), and the scenes with him and Jack just turn into who can talk the lowest and grittiest. hilarious!!

    the only bad thing about 30 Rock? it really does make all other tv comedies look like garbage.

  2. I don't get to catch this show as often as I'd like, but I thoroughly enjoy every episode I do get to see. It's probably the best sitcom since Arrested Development--a show that was treated poorly by its network--but 30 Rock seems to be a bit of a darling with NBC.

  3. @readhead : it really does.. 30 Rock is one of the best sitcoms ever !

    @rabid fox: haven't seen the Arrested Development but i loove 30 rock !


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