Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Listen: Dredg "Catch Without Arms"

Well here we are, we listen number 3. I thought to take a break from the orchestral things, since we got plenty of that to put. Hell we have a lot of bands too, so lets put some diversity. Dredg is one of my personall favorites, but first an introduction is in order.

Dredg (styled as dredg) is an American progressive/alternative rock band formed in 1993 in Los Gatos, California. The band consists of vocalist Gavin Hayes, guitarist Mark Engles, bassist Drew Roulette and drummer/keyboardist Dino Campanella. With Hayes and Roulette enjoying art as a hobby, the band has consistently incorporated art, and painting in particular, into their albums and concerts.[1]

The band established themselves in the indie scene with their 1998 release of the concept album Leitmotif, landing them a deal with Interscope Records. Dredg released El Cielo in 2002, Catch Without Arms in 2005, and The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion in 2009.

Now why do I listen to them you say? They suck? SCREW YOU! OUT OF THIS BLOG!...@%#%#@%@#@%^$#&$%#$^#$....so? where was I?...gooshfraba...gooshfraba...ok...im calm...IM GOING TO KILL HIM!.....We apologize to our fellow bloggers but we will resume this post after we contain Johnny.

So! here I am...yeah im ok, im cool...Why do I listen to them...Well for starters I love the fact that the band has only 4 albums (and one live) and every album is different in a lot of things from the other. From the harsh and more brutal sounds of the first, to the tranquil mysticism sounds of the second, to the calm tunes of the third. The final album is more pop but still has its own unique character. I also find it to be attached to this band for some reason, since most of their songs have been the soundtracks to many of my important decissions, fights, and moments in my life. I always love to put one of their albums on, at autumn or winter afternoon's close the lights and remain in the dusk with a cup of tea listening to their songs.
Ode To The Sun (hope, this song reminds me that everything will be alright)
Bug Eyes (amazing, just amazing)

Catch Without Arms (sleep...drowsiness...ships sail away...dont know why)
Not That Simple (little kids, for some reason, maybe its the drums, i think of kids clapping hands)
Zebraskin (dont really pay attention to it, usually skip it)
The Tanbark Is Hot Lava (nice song, fast passed, not one of the favorites)
Sang Real ( water...the sea..)
Planting Seeds (this song calms the hell out of me)
Spitshine (one of my all time favorites amazing song)
Jamais Vu (next song?)
Hang Over On A Tuesday (very nice song love the small solo in the middle or so)
Matroshka (The Ornament) (well for this one i think its highly underestimated, and the hidden track is amazing too)

Generally, i think this is the best album to drink tea and want to feel a bit happy and cheered, while still relaxing


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Music is something I am addicted to apart from books and I love discovering new bands.
    P.S You people are quite amusing...

  2. A fine addiction that is! I reccomend all of their albums, even their live, if you want to dig deep you can also donwload the soundtrack of the movie Waterborne. It is also made by Dredg.

    P.S Reply. Who people? i hope you are not talking of that scum that insulted me during the post :P


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