Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Movies Vs Books: Tuck Everlasting

Story Summary: Winifred Foster (Winnie) escapes her prison -her house- and decides to explore her family's property -the forest. On her way she finds a beautiful tree from which a spring of water pours and with it a boy who is drinking from there. His name is Jesse Tuck and he takes her to a small wooden house in the middle of the forest -his house. While leaving there Winnie meets Jesse's family and with them a secret about the tree that pours water. She finds hapiness in the Tuck family and she feels them more family than her own. But this doesn't last long because her real family is searching for her and with them a man in a yellow suit who wants to find the mystery tree.
Where the Book Wins: The book is written for children. It's simple and easy to read, but it has rich language, something you don't find in childrens' books. It has beautiful descriptions about the forest and the weather, even it is raining outside you can feel the rays of the sun on you skin. Winnie is a small girl who's tired her parents' rules about the good society, while Jesse is a teen. The period the book was written is far away from ours. There are not technological achievements and that make the nature and everything in general pure. You enter a much different world where you could easily live.
Published: 1975
The book is written by Natalie Babbitt.

Where the Movie Wins: The movie shows you the places and the houses and the dresses and generally everything the book describes. Winnie in the movie is a teen so it's Jesse. That makes romance between them much easier and more obvious. There is more action and you feel anxious about the characters and what will happen in the end. The actors were great for the roles. Even if there were differences from the book you don't notice them so much since it's a great movie by itself.
There is one more movie released in 1981, but I haven't seed that one.

Final Winner: It's a TIE. There are differences but seperately they are great. 


  1. I'd not heard of either - it does sound interesting and the kind of book I would enjoy.

  2. Oh my god! That's a really good choice!
    I totally loved the movie!
    I didn't know the book was for kids :o

  3. it sounds very romantic
    i'm not really into that kind of stories but i think if i had read the book when i was younger i would have loved it!

  4. Carmen: If you know you like this style, then try it....
    Yiota: The book it's mostly for pre-teens, but you can totally read it to you're child (future child, for you)....
    Athanasia: I read it when I was 16, but I know that I would love it even if I read it now....


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