Saturday, November 20, 2010

Books/Games That Should Be Movies #7

Battle Realms

The Battle Realms game is one of my personall favorites, and...I KNOW, I know! most of you dont play games and dont really care about them, but the tittle sais Books/Games and well I think that going from book to game keeps it from becoming boring. At least for gamers that is. What? you want me out? Well SHUT UP! Im still gonna write this

Story: The plot mainly revolves around Kenji, last heir to the Serpent's Throne. When he returns from exile, Kenji comes across bandits raiding a peasant village. He can choose to either kill the bandits and save the peasants, or, he can side with the bandits and kill the peasants. If he chooses to save the peasants, he will follow the path of the Dragon clan. If he aids the bandits, he will follow the path of the Serpent clan.

In Kenji's Journey, the player may choose which territories he or she wishes to attack first. Taking specific territories might give benefits, and other Zen Masters may join Kenji. Later on, the player can summon these Zen Masters from the Keep.

In the Battle Realms expansion Winter of the Wolf, the player follows the story of Grayback, a wolf miner who started a rebellion to free his fellow wolf clansmen from the clutches of the Lotus and Serpent. In the process, Grayback must defeat the sorceress Yvaine to stop the snow blizzard from killing his clansmen.
(I know you have no idea of the main plot, the review sucks but it was the best i could find without making a personall one)

Why It Should Be A Movie:
Well for starters the storyline is not too large, and extremelly interesting! The world is deep and has a suffice backround storyline, that leaves many to the viewer, or gamer's imagination, without having an immediate effect on the storyline. The storyline itself has twists and turns, and although it is nothing too special or unique keeps the interest to the end. Also with the expansion out, it makes the movie able to be a 2 episode movie, starting with Kenji and then show the events of the Winter Of The Wolf, or vice versa. Anyway, the game has many elements of Asian fantasy (hell of all the clans only the Wolf are not as if they are drawn for a Kung-Fu martial arts or whatever Asian-y like movies) so the movie could be a great combination of martial arts and raw combat as demonstrated by the Wolf Clan. I think that it would be a great Asian movie.


Kenji: Ye Liu
Otomo: Jet Lee
Shinja: Don-gun Jang
Garen: Anthony Wong
Arah: Kelly Hu
Kazan: Ken Watanabe
Tao: Jackie Chan
Teppo: Yun-Fat Chow
Budo: Masato Harada
Utara: Ziyi Zhang
Vetkin: Ju-wan On
Tarro:Joe Odagiri
Necromancer:Togo Igawa
Greyback: Karl Urban
Gayla: Claire Danes
Longtooth:Steven R.McQueen
Shale Lord(voice): Kevin Sorbo
Wildeye: William Dafoe
Zymeth: Shidou Nakamura
Issyl:Ken'ichi Matsuyama
Yvaine: Lucy Liu
Soban: Tatsuya Fujiwara
Koril:Shigeki Hosokawa
Tausill:Takeshi Kaga
Lythis: Masashi Odate
Sekh: John Koyama
Shadow(as well as the voice for the Beast): Ian McKellen
Dragon (voice): Cristopher Lee

I KNOW I KNOW! its a really long cast! but those are all the heroes of the game and if there was a movie they would ALL show up, even if it is for a scene or 2.........anyway, i tried my best. comment, spit, hurl, scold, banish, yell, curse at the comments bellow :P


  1. Indeed has an interesting story. I know for sure, i would have tried it! Thankies :D

    And great cast you picked^^ Ziyi Zhang!<3

  2. to be honest after a while i just put random chinese actors to fill in spots like lythis who are monsters so it wouldnt even matter :P

  3. its not my fault!

  4. that's a huuuuge cast ! lol
    i'm not a gamer but it's a nice pick !
    there are so many chinese actors ? =S lol


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