Monday, November 15, 2010

Series We Loved: Demons

The plot follows the adventures of a London teenager Luke Rutherford, who learns that he is the last descendant of Van Helsing line by the sudden arrival of his American godfather Rupert Galvin. Luke is charged with the role of smiting the gathering dark forces of the world whilst trying to live an ordinary life of exams and parties. Rupert Galvin helps train Luke with the assistance of Mina Harker, a blind vampiric concert pianist and authority on half-lives (i.e. vampires, demons, zombies, and werewolves). Luke's best friend Ruby also joins in on the action.

Demons, for me is a great show. It has adventure and action and magical creatures. It has some special effects that make it even better. Every episode is different than the previous, but they all move around Luke's life. His godfather, Rupert is a little harsh on him. He demands many things from Luke. Mina was a great character. You don't learn she's a vampire from the beginning, so it was a sudden event for me. Ruby was too calm about the whole thing. She, of course, had the girlie reaction, which was funny, but she trusted and loved Luke and she would do anything for him. And Luke passed through many stages. It's not easy to learn you're the offspring of Van Helsing and that from now and on you have to protect yourself all the time, because creatures that were fairytales for you exist and want to kill you. After that shock he embraces his destiny and train to do his best. He's not perfect thought. And it's hard for him to keep balance. From a student who liked go on parties, to a fighter who has to find as much weird creatures as he can and kill them sometimes.
Now, there is only one season which includes 6 episodes. If you have time to download it and see it, do it. I totally reccomend it. London was the perfect place for the show. I have to admit that I don't know if those creatures exist in books or legends, but I know surely that Mina is not a common vampire, something that will probably stuck in your head, but still, as I said, you figure it out at the end, so it's not a big deal.


  1. I'm so watching this! Thanks!
    How many seasons is?

  2. wrote i missed that?:p
    One season 6 episodes?:o Unfair!

  3. It sounds great!! Thanks for recommending it.
    I will try to search for it online.

  4. it sounds good, hope it's not too scary !!!


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