Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Listen: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

I'm not a huge fan of music in generall, but Katy Perry's songs stuck in your mind, from her first to the last. Teenage dream is her second mainstream album and it was released the 24th of August 2010. It includes songs that can be heard and danced everywhere and every time. Most of them give you a message, and despite the fact that professionals gave low rates for the album, all the songs are great for me. As my fellow blogger did in the first place, I am going to follow her example and do the "First thought of my mind" thing she did.

1."Teenage Dream": I like both video and song.
2."Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)": Can I have this kind of Friday night?
3."California Gurls": Liked mostly the video and not all the part of it.
4."Fireworks": Love this song.
5."Peacock": What's the secret meaning here? Dirty? Or Pure?
6."Circle the Drain": I would never want to live what she lives in this song.
7."The One That Got Away": It's OK.
8."E.T.": For those that know, the music reminds me of T.A.T.U. Right?
9."Who Am I Living For?": It's fine.
10."Pearl": Rumors say that this song was written for Rihanna.
11."Humminingbird Heartbeat": What a way to start a song. Is she tell us about her sex life in here? (Extra Info: She is now married with British comedian Russell Brand)
12."Not Like The Movies": The one and only slow song from the beginning to the end.

That's it people. Hope you like it and agree with me. If yes or if not, please let me know. By the way, this was my first We Listen review. And something last: I heard the songs at YouTube so for any extra songs or remixes, I have no idea.


  1. I somehow never got around to listening to Katy Perry's songs. My friends are all crazy about her. I think I will give her a try

  2. well i really like katy perry, who can forget the "i kissed a girl and i liked it.." !!
    this albut is actually good, i like the song California Gurls, it has a very funny video clip. I love both the song and the video of Teenage Dream. But as for Fireworks, i like the song but every time i listen it, i fell sorry for Katy cuz she can't breathe, it's not a song for her voice she can't sing it.

    nice first we listen ! =)

  3. I really like Teenage Dream from this album.
    Her previous album was really good too.

    I don't really like Firework :/ The video is also awesome though! And clever!

  4. Misha: Let me know what you think of her songs.
    Athanasia: A live performance with persuate us. And thank you....
    Yiota: I agree with you about the video. It's clever, indeed....

  5. i listened her "live" at the EMA's at the tv lol !! and wasn't pleased but u're right a live performance will persuate us !!


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